Featured Member RaunchyMan tells all

Featured Member RaunchyMan tells all

from Recon News

17 April 2016

We wanted to get to know Featured Member RauchyMan better, so we gave him five fetish topics to discuss.

Tell us more about your profile title 'Kink and cuddles'.

I love having a sweaty buddy stick around for cuddles after a session. There's nothing wrong with being a friendly fetishist. A longer session than a quick "blow and go" takes a lot more preparation - both physically and mentally - let alone setting up the scene. Cuddles aren't hardcore, but they're a nice way to wrap up an evening of intimate debauchery...

Tell us about the Sydney fetish scene and how it compares to other places you've been.

I've been to IML, attended Euro Folsom and done a few fringe events at international Pride festivals. I was like a kid at Christmas. The Sydney fetish scene is quite small compared to Europe and the US. It's partly because we have a smaller population than most international cities, but a lot of gay bars have closed too. There are some fantastic leather parties run by Sydney Leather Pride and independent promoters like Extra Dirty, Woof Club, Hellfire and Trough. If you come to Sydney you'll be disappointed that there are no leather bars as such, but happy to find there are plenty of kinky fellas with a vast array of fetishes. If you're heading to Sydney, Recon is a great way to make some like minded connections before you arrive and find out where to go and who to do. I'd also contact Sydney Leather Pride as we have social and educational events and parties throughout the year.

You're Sydney Mr Leather. Tell us what you're looking forward to the most about IML.

What I'm most looking forward to is meeting all the other worthy title holders and sharing the induction and journey from a contestant's point of view. It will be challenging on many levels but I'm honored to represent Sydney and be in the company of such fine gentlemen. I was at IML a few years back to support a friend of mine who was competing and had an incredible time. I volunteered at the Leather Markets and hung out with the Howard Brown guys learning about rapid HIV testing, so I have some friends in Chicago. Coming from the other side of the world, I'm grateful I will have some local support and see my USA buddies again. All the men I know who have competed at IML have had a life changing and emotional experience, so I'm excited to be going back as a contestant.

Tell us about when you realised you had a kinky side and when you first started to experiment.

I was a curious kid instigating situations from a young age. It was before apps and the internet so you had to try your luck at cruising areas. I still get aroused by the smell of urinal tablets and locker rooms. It's a sexual "Pavlov's Dogs" response except I drool from the groin…
Unlike my straight friends, sex was void of any romance, nor did it lead to any conventional relationships, but it was exciting and bit sleazy. When you're horny and pubescent it all adds to the thrill. My boundaries and buttons were being pushed, releasing endorphins and adrenaline which became a bit addictive. As soon as I was old enough to go out, I was heading to a BDSM night called HellFire and finding myself tied up in all sorts of situations. By the time I was 21 I'd tried most things twice and was easily unsatisfied with pedestrian sex. As I've grown I've become more assertive about what I'm into and who I have it with. I usually prefer to have sex with someone I know and respect or at least connect with. That's when you can blow someone's mind, not just their load.

Tell us about the kind of fetish men you go for.

Leather Men would be my niche and everything that goes with that. Confidence (not arrogance) and masculinity are the sexiest traits in a man, especially when he knows how to wear his gear and fills it out. Leathers don't have to be an immaculate full uniform; an edgy looking guy in leather footy shorts can be just as sexy. Although I love the leather scene I also have a huge jocks fetish. I have acquired a diverse collection that I have swapped, eared or been sent. Most of my jocks have a story.

As for kink fetish, I'm into most things as long as it's safe, sane and consensual. I'm not much into pain, but being uncomfortable can be fun. If it tastes, feels and smells good then take me there. My favorite colour is red..