Featured Member RubberRich tells us about his fetish and kink

Featured Member RubberRich tells us about his fetish and kink

from Recon News

18 June 2016

He's our Featured Member for June, and here's what he has to say for himself:

Tell us about how you got into fetish?

I noticed my sexual tastes changing in my mid-to-late 20s. However, I was in a long-term relationship and fetish/kink just wasn't him. Last February, nearly a year after breaking up and whilst bored in a French ski chalet one evening, I joined Recon. Despite having no gear at the time, I added a few pics, completed my profile and started chatting to a few Manchester guys after long days on the slopes. One of them was Si/Sly Hands – who lots of guys will know as a greatly talented fetish photographer and founder of Manchester Rubbermen. By the end of the week's holiday, I'd bought a neck-entry rubber catsuit online and was making plans of attending Manchester Rubber Weekend 6 (MRM6). A month later I attended two nights of MRM6 and that was the start of the slippery, rubbery slope…

Tell us what fetish and kink mean to you?

Having a corporate job, to me fetish/kink is about escaping the mundaneness of the 9-5 lifestyle. Wearing gear in public is also very liberating. At first, I was nervous about it because I feared being spotted by friends and judged; so much so that I wore baseball caps to 'hide'. Now, I'm making a conscious effort not to hide (despite my fetish for baseball caps!) because I no longer care. So I guess you could say it's given me more self-confidence and more of a 'zero fucks given' attitude! Fetish/kink to me is also about exhibitionism; I like to wear my gear on nights out with likeminded friends. I'm lucky that Manchester has an active and friendly fetish community. So it's social, as well as sexual, for me.

Tell us about your favourite types of gear?

My 'go to' gear is rubber. I like tight rubber that shows off the body shape underneath. I prefer seeing more rubber than skin on show. I like the 'sporty' rubber look, teamed with hi-tops and baseball caps. The 'traditional leather' look in rubber – chaps teamed with a waistcoat or harness and arm gear (bicep straps / gauntlets) – is also very sexy!
I like leather gear as well, but I haven't had the chance to buy any yet, as I'm still relatively new to kink and leathers are much more of a financial investment. I'll get there!

Tell us about your favourite types of play?

I enjoy geared-up play in the bedroom and elsewhere. I'm an exhibitionist, so cruising and/or playing in dark rooms / at events is a real turn-on for me. That said, it's important for me that there's a mental, as well as physical, connection. Suspense and psychological submission/domination is much more of a turn on, compared to mindless sex!

I'm versatile and I tend to fall into one role (sub/dom) depending on the other guy. I'm strong-minded, so I'm certainly not a pushover and a dom needs to be confident and forceful. I have a long list of interests, some I've tried, some I haven't. The red gear isn't a coincidence; I really enjoy ass play (toys) and fisting...mainly as the top. I also enjoy gentle/prolonged CBT, nipple play, cum denial/edging and WS.

Tell us what you're curious about trying?

I'm curious to try submission more, particularly in bondage. I want to experience more around restraint, sensory deprivation, electro and moderate pain (CBT, nipple play/clamps, paddling).

Tell us what you go for in a fetish guy?

Put simply, I like a fetish guy that is a gentleman in public… and a pig in the bedroom! Personality wise, self-assured and emotionally-intelligent guys will get (and hold) my attention. A dirty mind, wicked sense of humour/fun and an outgoing personality all appeal to me. Physically, I don't think I have "type" but I prefer toned / muscled guys that are older than me (30-45). I'm single, so I'm looking…

Tell us where guys can see you?

Over the next year I'll be at:

• Fetish Week London (July) – currently planning on attending Full Fetish, Deconstruction and the Rubber Gear Party.
• Folsom Europe (September) – First time at Folsom, though not my first time in Berlin.
• Cologne, Germany – I'm hoping to get back to visit the Cologne Rubber Men, in late 2015 / early 2016. I'm lucky to have made some great friends there.
• US (May 2017) – SoCal for a week and looking into other places in the US for another week (open to suggestions…)