Featured Member Skratxxx signs off

Featured Member Skratxxx signs off

from Recon News

31 August 2016

Here's what our sneakers and trackies fetishist Featured Member, skratxx, had to say about his time and what the future holds:

I want to thank you for all the messages and comments you sent to me, it's great to talk, share interests and fantasies with other guys around the world, and I look forward to meeting many of you. It is very interesting to see how the guys from other countries understand the fetish for sneakers and tracksuits, and how the dress-codes are changing depending on the area.

This experience has helped me to remind myself that I can't just stay in my city - I'm missing a lot of great things. I hope to do some trips soon to know the fetish scene in other countries, and London and Berlin seem to be the favorite candidates - art and fetishism are very well accepted there.

I am very happy for the comments and views you have posted on my blog which shows my work. I am currently doing audiovisual works showing my artistic vision of fetish, all accompanied by electronic music with dark shades ... I wish I could do some kind of show or audiovisual performance in relation to sneakers someday. The goal is to do something cool for the night fetish scene and to project these works at the parties that we love. So now I have to continue working hard, moving the pieces and continue to find inspiration in all of this, to find a place in this world.

Finally, thanks to the RECON team for this opportunity for make me known, to show you a little about myself, what I like to do and to show my work to many people. When you are young, you don't usually have this kind of opportunities. I hope you say hello if you see me at some party! ;)

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