Fetish Focus: Body Modification

Fetish Focus: Body Modification

from Recon News

13 December 2017

These days, tattoos and piercings are pretty mainstream - so much so that it's almost rare to find a man without any kind of body embellishment. Many of us have some ink or a piercing or two, but these adornments may not play any part in our sex lives.

But for guys into body modification, the body is a blank canvas just waiting to be altered, customised and added to. This has a lot to do with aesthetics, but for some, there's also an element of kink involved.

There's an almost endless variety of modifications available today, with surgical mods such as dermal and subdermal implants, incisions and bisections at the more extreme end of the scale.

Why body modification?

From deliberate scarring to lip stretching, circumcision to tongue splitting, humans have been changing and personalising their bodies for thousands of years, often with important cultural significance. Throughout history, body modifications around the world have denoted a particular social status, rite of passage or even religious affiliation.

In the 1970s, wealthy businessman and piercing fetishist Richard Simonton published a tongue-in-cheek autobiography called Diary of a Piercing Freak under his alias, Doug Malloy. It was later republished as The Art of Pierced Penises and Decorative Tattoos in a fetish magazine and did much to commercialise the L.A. underground piercing scene, which had mainly grown out of gay leather culture.

Today, the reasons behind body modification tend to be personal rather than cultural, and vary hugely from person to person. Some guys into body mod may get sexually aroused by the process of modification itself, while others love the rush of getting a new mod. Some are turned on by body mods simply due to how they look, while for others, their mods, or those they look for in others, have a sexual purpose.

Several body mods for a cock are designed specifically to enhance play, both for the guy modified and the men he's having sex with.

What kinds of fetish body mods are there?

A Prince Albert piercing is just the beginning. This is one of the most common cock piercings and involves a ring through the urethra and piercing out under the cock head.

Other piercings include the Ampallang; a horizontal bar through the cock head which can make it wider and thicker – bonus for the bottom! It's good for the wearer too as the bar rubs on the inside of the cock head. The Frenem piercing goes through the underside of the cock, where the head meets the shaft. This is said to feel good for both guys during sex, too. Guys also get multiple piercings, usually rings, down the underside of the shaft, and it's known as a Jacob's Ladder.

Beyond piercing, genital beading or 'pearling' involves surgically inserting small beads under the skin of the cock to give extra sensation during sex and wanking. Penile subincision takes it further, with an incision from the urethral opening to the base of the shaft, splitting the cock lengthways. This exposes nerves inside the shaft for more intense sensation, and makes the cock wider and more textured, but means that men who go for this body mod have to adapt to urinating from the base of their cock.

Genital bisection is a procedure that completely splits the penis in two for even more nerve ending exposure. It's still possible for the penis to become erect, but penetration can be difficult if the two halves curve into each other.

Essentially, sexual body mods can be as extreme as you want them to be, but as with any surgery, it goes without saying that you should only ever go to a professional.

If this has sparked your curiosity, why not reach out to other fetish men in the Recon community to find out more about body modification?

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