Fetish for beginners: Lycra and Spandex

Fetish for beginners: Lycra and Spandex

from Recon News

17 September 2017

Far from being just for wrestlers and gymnasts, Lycra and spandex gear has a big gay fetish following. The shiny, stretchy suits form a skin-tight layer over the body, but there's more to spandex than just leaving little to the imagination.

We've looked into what makes Lycra and spandex such a popular fetish, as well as how to get into the scene.

Why Lycra and spandex?

In the 70s, gay photographer, porn star, fashion designer and model Peter Berlin popularised skin-tight spandex gear and became a gay fetish icon in the process. Berlin's swaggering aesthetic drew all eyes to his Lycra-clad bulge, and made him lusted after by men the world over.

These days, you're more likely to see cyclists wearing head to toe spandex, but as such, there's a lot of crossover between gay Lycra fetishism and cycling, wrestling and even cosplay [see our article on Cosplay using link below].

As good as a Lycra or spandex suit looks, to spandex fetishist it feels even better. The smooth, silky fabric can feel great stretched over the body, both for the wearer and anyone in contact with them. Where spandex clings to every part of a guy's form, it's easy to see what's underneath the suit without actually seeing it in the flesh.

While it's stretchy, some love the tightness of Lycra and spandex for its constrictive bondage-like quality, and some spandex fetishists use rope or restraints on top of a suit. Spandex suits also feel great together; two or more suited guys rubbing up against each other creates a sensation that can be highly pleasurable.

Taking the appeal of Lycra and spandex one step further, Zentai suits cover the whole body – the head, face, hands and feet included. Originating in Japan, these full-body tights make their wearers anonymous, which can add a new dimension to Lycra fetish play, especially within a group.

Although Zentai suits objectify a guy's body, he can also completely hide his identity. Some Zentai fetish fans feel empowered by the fact that no one can tell who they are, and can find wearing a suit that's both concealing and overtly sexual allows them to do things they maybe wouldn't otherwise have the confidence to do.

Getting involved in Lycra fetish

If you want to try wearing Lycra or spandex for yourself, it's a relatively easy type of gear to pick up. Sizing is rarely an issue – due to its stretchy nature – and it can easily be purchased online. Of course, we recommend your first stop should be the Recon store. We've got a full range of professional quality cycling and Lycra gear, including singlets, shorts and leggings.

Speaking of which, there are a growing number of Lycra and spandex fetish nights around, and many wider fetish events that welcome this kind of gear. As ever, don't scrimp on anything you buy; cheap gear will only look sub-standard and wear out faster.

You won't be short of fetish men into this kink on Recon either, so shout out to the community to find others into Lycra and spandex.