Fetish for Beginners: WAM

Fetish for Beginners: WAM

from Recon News

25 March 2018

In the past, we've already taken a plunge into gunge with our video that asked what it meant to some of our members. We also know that there are plenty of you guys already into it, but with more and more guys finding their tastes in fetish and kink, we thought we should explore wet and messy (WAM) play further.

What is WAM play?

Wet and messy (WAM) play involves getting up close and personal with/in any substance that fits the WAM description. WAM play might feature food, mud, lotion, shaving foam or colourful, synthetic slime (usually Natrosol). The aim of the game for a lot of guys is to get properly covered or even completely submerged in these substances. For some guys WAM play is based more around a Dom /sub dynamic, where the Dom gets off on messing up the sub. Humiliation plays a large factor in the play. Wammers might splat cream or custard at each other, crawl in mud, pour gunge over each other, get together in a large pool of slime...or all of the above. It's all down to personal taste and what you can get your hands on.

There's no specific clothing or gear required for WAM play, but the gear worn can be an important part of the fun. Lycra, neoprene and rubber are all popular fabrics, as smooth, tight gear can heighten sensation as the goo covers the skin, while guys who get off getting messy in suits, shirts and ties like seeing their gear get trashed and transformed by the mess. Some guys also like to pour their substance of choice inside their clothing for the way it feels.

Some guys have sexual play in their gunge of choice, other guys may just get arousal from the gunge itself. It's a case of whatever works for you.

What's the appeal of WAM play?

When considering the root of desire for mess play, some guys talk about their childhood fascinations with muddy puddles or gunge on game shows, then realising the sexual appeal. The pure hedonistic nature of it can account for some of its following too - it's a form of play that gives zero fucks in the moment. For some guys into WAM play, the fact that making a mess is generally frowned upon can also be part of the appeal: it's a kind of rebellious escapism.

For many though, it's the look and feel of the gunge on themselves and others. Being covered in something fluid that clings to the body can be similar to wearing rubber or Lycra and adds extra sensation to play. Guys covered in something wet and messy can slip and slide against each other, and sat in a pool with other guys, there's almost a transformative element, in the way guy can look when covered in mess.

Getting wet and messy

This kink is a relatively easy one to try for yourself. Food is a great place to start; edible substances are easy to get a hold of and won't necessarily stain the sheets. Generally, a good way to minimise the cleanup is to do it in a shower cubicle or bath. A hot shower after getting messy alone or with someone else, with food, lube or shaving foam, can also be a hot way to finish a session (though be careful getting in and out of the that tub).

If you want to take things up a notch, try a gunge or mud party – going along to an organised event is far easier than sourcing and setting up a session yourself. Though WAM parties are hardly common place – finding a venue to host one can be…tricky - the scene is growing all the time. Ask around among the guys in the Recon community who have 'Gunge' as an interest, to see if there's anything going on near you. Of course, you may be able to find enough mud in the great outdoors, just remember you might not have total privacy – though this in and of itself has definite horny appeal.

Investing in all the gear and equipment for large scale WAM play takes a lot of dedication to the kink, as does getting ready for a session; it can take the best part of a day to prepare the space and to clear up afterwards, if you're going big. But never forget the appeal and ease of a smaller session in a bathtub. A full-blown party is one hell of an experience, but never forget you can make a mess almost anywhere ;)

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