Fetish Problems #12: My Dominant Flatmate

Fetish Problems #12: My Dominant Flatmate

from Recon News

23 July 2018

Another tale of fetish misfortune from a Recon member

I got into casual Dom work by accident when I was about 19. A friend of mine needed an extra person to humiliate a sub of theirs, and my role was fairly straight forward. I would have to laugh at the sub during their session, take pictures and humiliate him verbally (If I was comfortable with that). I initially did it for the same reason I do most things, for the experience and because I'm SUCH a good friend. The experience was really eye opening, my friend was doing professional Domination work as a full-time job and was always busy.

I helped with a few more sessions and after a string of messages from guys in my home town asking me to Dominate them I decided to go solo and built up a client base.
I worked as piercer in a tattoo studio, so was able to offer piercing play (which isn't as niche a market as I thought). Dom work slowly became a job I was making a lot of money in, and I enjoyed the service I was offering to people, but like all second jobs it was hard work and it meant I didn't have a social life.

When I moved to London, it was an opportunity to focus on other things, and I kept monthly piercing play appointments with just two clients, which coincided with visits home to see my family. My flatmate in London was someone I had known for about 6 years before he moved in. We had a great relationship and overshared way too much. My flatmate was not someone who was hugely into the fetish scene, however it was something he was always intrigued by and eventually dabbled in.

I ended up being coaxed back into Dom work by a guy who was looking to have a session with someone who had previously done Dom work and knew the dynamics. I obliged, and we had a few sessions over the following months before he mentioned he would like a session with two Dom's as birthday treat to himself and asked if I knew anyone who would be suitable.

I asked my flatmate to be the extra person. It was ideal. I knew him, I trusted him, and he was authoritative (especially when it came to me not doing the dishes). It was all set up and I gave a full rundown on how the session would go.

The sub turned up on time and the session started, my flatmate told him to "take the fucking trousers off" – great start. The sub obliged by undoing his belt buckle dropping his trousers.
This ended up being a problem. The sub was wearing 20-hole doc martens and his trousers wouldn't go over his boots. My flatmate and I stood there, arms crossed as we watched the guy try and wrestle with his jeans. He was really trying, and it just wasn't going to happen.
My flatmate turns and mouths "should we help him?" I shake my head and after a few more minutes (which feels like hours) my flatmate loses his patience and shouts "take off the fucking boots you idiot".

The session ends after another 45 mins with essentially me running the session and my flatmate providing degrading and humiliating commentary, with a tone of annoyance. The sub leaves delighted, thanking me on finding the perfect Dom companion and for making his birthday special.

My flatmate is pleasantly surprised that firstly there was so sex involved (as I had promised) and secondly how much fun it was. A few weeks later, I'm away on holiday and get another message from the sub "Does your friend have space for 1-2-1 session this week."

My flatmate managed to steal my sub after one session. I've since decided to give up casual Dom work.

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