Fetish Problems #13: One word is all it takes

Fetish Problems #13: One word is all it takes

from Recon News

28 August 2018

By Recon member Sebastianb

About a decade ago, when I was first getting into kink and power exchange, I was causally seeing this cute little cub from another city. Every couple of weeks we'd get together, do something fun, have dinner, and then play for a few hours.

After the second or third time, I decide to put my kink cards on the table. I tell him what I get into: bondage, erotic torture, humiliation, leather, and so on, all from the dominant side of things.

He tells me he's totally ok with my being kinky. He doesn't see anything wrong with it, and he knows about the basics: consent, negotiation, safe words, and so on. But he's not really kinky himself.

That's too bad, because he really is cute, and I like him a lot. I keep seeing him. He does have a slightly subby vibe to him. I'm bigger than he is, and he enjoys it when I'm on top of him. He lets me hold him down while we make out. I keep hoping that maybe as things go on, he'll find his sub side. At this point, I hadn't found a lot of subs to play with, so playing with him is a good outlet.

One night, we're at the foreplay stage. He's lying on his bed on his belly, and I'm kissing his neck and his back, slowly working my way down to his ass. I've got a short, close-trimmed goatee and moustache, and I accidentally discover that his back is quite ticklish. As I'm kissing his back, he starts giggling and twitching, and it's incredibly cute in a submissive sort of way.

At that point, my inner Dom kicks in without me realizing, and I start tickle-torturing him with my beard. I go up and down his spine intentionally running my chin along his skin. Pretty quickly, he's helpless with laughter, twitching and giggling uncontrollably, and I'm having a great time.

Suddenly he shouts "Periwinkle!"

Confused, I stop torturing him and say, "Is that your safe word?"

He sheepishly answers "It was the only color I could think of."

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