Fetish Problems #2: Gear Colour Minefield

Fetish Problems #2: Gear Colour Minefield

from Recon News

11 August 2016

You're new to fetish.

You wouldn't say you were a snappy dresser. You have your own style, but you've never really bent with the winds of fashion. You know what works for you and you know what colours look good.

You're buying your first pieces of gear and you want them in your favourite colours. Red looks good against your skin. Yellow has always highlighted your eyes. Brown Is an old faithful.

You attend your first fetish event. You receive advances that you hadn't anticipated.

The following day you do a bit of research and your eyes are opened. Suddenly you understand why you were getting a bit more attention than you were ready for in your assless red singlet.

You realise you spent the night as a walking fist tease.

Lessons learned:

• Do your research before you buy your gear
• Stick to solid black until you know what you're into
• … give fisting a whirl