Fetish Problems #5: Hanging Out in the Woods

Fetish Problems #5: Hanging Out in the Woods

from Recon News

16 May 2020

By Anonymous Recon Member

I've always loved the feeling of being tied up ever since I was a kid. As an adult, the options to find people to tie me up were very limited. Finally, I got the courage to contact someone online for a bondage session. I was so excited to have another adult tie me up and lock me in my leather sensory deprivation.

The guy was 19 years old and brand new to bondage and men. We sat around and talked about every other topic in the world except for bondage. When we ran out of things to say we just sort of looked at each other and sheepishly said 'You ready to try this?'

We walked into the woods and he chained me hanging upside down with my wrist chained together and padlocked behind my back. He slipped a leather hood over my head and padlocked it into place. He then placed a cage over it and padlocked that into place too. He tied rope around my testicles and the other end to a nearby tree. He kept slapping my balls and penis until I shot my load all over his face and clothes. He left me hanging there for about 10-15 minutes and said 'You had enough?' I nodded yes. He said 'Alright, I'm gonna bring you down now, where's the keys to the padlocks?' I tried to say through the gag 'I thought you had them!'.

At first I thought he was joking and just trying to scare me, and boy was it working. He said 'Bro I don't have the keys, you have them!'. At that moment, I felt my heart sink as I remembered I forgot the keys at my house! My mind started racing and it was tough to breath because I was in panic mode. He ran to the main road and flagged someone down. I heard the guy say 'What the fuck are you guys doing?' The guy asked if I was ok, but I was crying too much through the gag and couldn't communicate - I couldn't calm down. The guy said 'You need to relax' and told my friend to stay with me and keep me calm, so I could breathe while he ran back to his car to get tools.

He came back after a few minutes and said 'Sorry guys, I don't have anything in my car that will get those locks open'. They were about to call 911 but I begged them not to. I told them to go the hardware store down the road and bring back bolt cutters, so the guy stayed with me and my friend went to buy them.

I was finally unchained and brought down after being upside down for over an hour. I was so thirsty and tired I could only take a few steps and fell to the ground and totally passed out.

I now have permanent chain marks on my ankles that cut pretty deep. Keep in mind we were both brand new to all of this and didn't plan anything. The guy who helped us was very, very cool about it and said that he'd never played around with other guys but he wasn't judgmental, and all he cared about was helping me get unchained. He kept saying 'You guys aint gonna do this again are you?' and that if we do we should both have spare keys! I learned my lesson the hard way and have the marks to prove it.

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