Fetish Problems #6: Locked Up 2 – Lubed Down Under

Fetish Problems #6: Locked Up 2 – Lubed Down Under

from Recon News

16 November 2016

By an anonymous Recon Member

I was planning my Sydney Mari Gras outfit one Saturday afternoon. I came across an old pair of leather bondage / chastity shorts, the ones you lock into around the waist and legs. I had gained a bit of mass since I last wore them, but nevertheless, I thought to myself, 'I'll see if I can still get into them'.

It was a tight fit, but being leather it was able to contain me. I certainly wasn't going to wear them to the party though, I could barely move. Anyway, I put the padlocks in place around the legs and around the waist, just for a bit of fun. There I was, all locked away.

After about 30 minutes I'd decided that was enough, and time to get on with the day. I had the keys. I went to unlock the padlock around the waist and the cylinder of the lock mechanism shattered and came out in pieces with the key. It wasn't opening. The shorts were $600 plus and the locks were clearly $5 Chinese imports. I tried to wriggle myself out, but the belt was tight around my waist, and I have hips that these things were not going to go over. I started to panic, and poured some lube over the stuck area. Nope, it wasn't moving. Then came baby oil and followed up with olive oil. Nothing was shifting these shorts, and at $600 plus I wasn't cutting them.

I had to 'phone a friend'. I called a mate and just said 'Look, don't ask questions, I'm not telling you what's happened, just trust me on this. I need you to go to the fire station on the way to my place and ask the guys to lend you a pair of bolt cutters. Get them and come around.' Of course, he didn't follow instructions.

He turned up 15 minutes later, without the cutters. I almost didn't let him in. It took him another 15 minutes to stop laughing at my predicament. There was some joint effort at pulling these shorts off, but they weren't moving. The locks weren't coming apart, and with all the oil and lube it was a slippery mess.

He made me put on some track pants over the shorts and took me to the fire station. I stood at the door while he spoke to the guys. I could see them, looking over at me and laughing as they spoke. There were eight on duty and about another 12 from other shifts hanging around. They all came out to see the gay guy get cut out of the gimp shorts.

I was ushered into a seat in the parking area, with more than a dozen fireman standing around. This was in Sydney (Darlinghurst) and the firemen there are hot. Strangely, some of them were taking photos. I did comment that it was every gay man's fantasy, who lived in Darlinghurst, to have a bondage scene in the fire-station, but this wasn't really how it had played out in my mind.

One of them came with these enormous bolt cutters, and snipped the offending locks off. There was a small cheer from the boys.

There I was, semi naked in the Darlo fire station on a Saturday afternoon, dignity in shreds, but the shorts in one piece.

I've since bought some decent 'Master' pad locks, and if the shorts come out to play, the locks are tested first.

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