Fetish Problems #7: Missed Opportunity in NYC

Fetish Problems #7: Missed Opportunity in NYC

from Recon News

27 November 2016

By Recon Member SpikeMcCartney

October 2013, I took a road trip to New York City, it's a 7 hour road trip from where I live. Every time I go to NYC I like to get something at The Leatherman store on Christopher Street to mark my visit there. So, this time around I bought a leather jockstrap, a buttplug, and a buttplug harness. Nothing too fancy, perhaps "raunchy" to the vanilla minded, but it was just something to add to my collection.

So, I took my purchases back to what I thought was my hotel room... but this was actually a hostel. Although I get out of my small town quite often, before this I never heard of a "hostel". I just thought it meant a cheap hotel room. Since NYC is so expensive, I was excited about saving money. I didn't care that my room only had a metal bunk bed and tiled flooring. $100 was cheap compared to the hotel rooms I had booked in NYC before.

Fast forward to later that night - at about 1 or 2am - all of my stuff including my kink gear was on the bottom bunk out in the open. I thought this hotel room was all mine, AS IS ANY HOTEL ROOM YOU PAY FOR, AS ONE MIGHT THINK, so I took the top bunk because cool people sleep on the top bunk. By the way, I also sleep naked. I'm looking at my phone while lying in bed naked, and suddenly the door flies open, the lights turn on, and some guy about my age speaking French on the phone walks in. I was pissed. At first I thought he was hotel staff coming in to clean the room or something. He put his backpack on the bottom bunk, and had a weird look on his face, BECAUSE HE OBVIOUSLY SAW MY KINK GEAR LAYING THERE. So, I sat up, covered my nipples with my blanket as if I was a woman, and yelled at him. He was confused. I said "This is my fucking room!", and he left without saying anything.

Still pissed off, I put my pajama pants on and nothing else, and went right down to the lobby to yell at whoever was working the front desk. "You people overbooked my room!" I said. They obviously thought I was an idiot. "That's what a hostel is, you share rooms with travelers." the guy at the front desk said. I still didn't get it. I went back to my room, and there was that same guy from earlier holding my leather jockstrap, examining it. I walked in, he noticed me, he threw it down, said "Sorry!" and left. I never saw him again.

Could he have been into kink too? He was actually kind of hot. Too bad I didn't know what a hostel actually was before booking a room... at a hostel. I would have been fine sharing a room like that, with a hot, curious French guy, if I knew what a freakin hostel was in the first place. Too bad I flipped out on him, putting a pin in any possible fantasy scenario...