Fetish Week London 2016 Roundup

Fetish Week London 2016 Roundup

from Recon News

29 July 2016

So. We did it. We all did it. We made Fetish Week London 2016 one of the best Fetish Weeks yet!

The week started off with the Premium Members Party on Sunday 10 July. The night was packed with guys who started as they meant to go on – geared up and looking good! We were so impressed by your dedication to your fetish.

This was followed by the Fetish Week Screening on Monday, which provided two films for the price of one, as well a great opportunity to chat with the film makers of Chemsex in a post-show. What could've been a sombre start to the week, ended up being very eye opening and prompted a great debate.

Tuesday saw us relocate the Bondage Masterclass to Backstreet, and boy did this change pay off. The Wolfpack gave great demonstrations to the packed house, and helped break down some complicated rope work, allowing almost everyone in the audience to get involved.

Wednesday was the opening of Fetish on Display, and showcased some very talented artists. The exhibition ran through till Sunday and went down well…well, mostly – a gentleman came into the gallery and demanded we take down "this filth". Everyone's a critic.

Puppies! Wednesday also saw the arrival of our first ever pups party, Best in Show! The puppy contest went down a treat, with many fine pups taking part, but there could only be one winner of the main title, and that went the cheeky, loveable Pup Piglet. Good pup!

Thursday was Sports Cruise, and boy did we sweat! The sports party is always a favourite, but this year it was rammed pretty much from the get go. Golden medals all round, lads. Now hit the showers.

Friday started with the traditional Soho Social. Again, it was great to see so many of you in gear at this gathering. We then moved on to Counter, Vauxhall for the Fetish Week Dinner. Once again, the food was great, and the entertainment was good fun. The dinner was sold out, with almost everyone in attendance in their finest.

Finally on Friday it was Skinhead. This party proved to be a great opportunity for boot boys to get together and stomp. Guys came in their best skin gear and showed 'em how it's done.

Saturday, was of course the main event – Full Fetish. And when we say full, we mean FULL. We were absolutely blown away by the sheer numbers of hot fetish men at The Coronet. The atmosphere was incredible, and not just in the play spaces. Guys were dancing, socialising, playing and generally just having one hell of an evening. This was our last time in the venue before it closes later this year, and we can say categorically, that we saw it off in kinky style.

On Sunday everyone left standing braved the surprisingly warm weather, got their gear on headed back to Vauxhall for the Rubber Gear Party and Deconstruction. The heat made the outdoor space at Union more appealing (we had to move the fence to enlarge the smoking area) for the many rubbermen in attendance, but it was a great chance to mix, mingle and sweat.

Deconstruction was our kinky final gasp, and as always proved to be a lot of fun for all the diehards who made their last stand in the play spaces of The Hoist.

We want to thank all the fetish men who turned up in droves to this year's event. We hoped this year would be the best one yet, and it certainly feels that way. It's all thanks to you lot, and we hope to see you next year at Fetish Week London 2017!