#FWL2015 – Fetish on Display. Recon demonstrates the art of fetish.

#FWL2015 – Fetish on Display. Recon demonstrates the art of fetish.

from Recon News

09 June 2015

Over the years Recon has worked with some incredible artists to create the striking imagery we use in our promotional materials and on our website. We felt it was about time we highlighted some of these images, the photographers who created them, as well as other artists who are responsible for some incredible fetish themed work. We'll be celebrating this art by hosting 'Fetish on Display' as part of #FWL2015 at The Strand Gallery, from Thursday 16 – Saturday 18 July.

The exhibition will include pieces from a number of extremely talented artists, including photographer Matt Spike. We've collaborated with Matt on various occasions, including the photography for the FWL2015 promotional images, which we hope you'll agree look pretty incredible.

The gallery is open from 12pm – 6pm, and you're welcome to come view the art whenever you like. There is no set fee, but we recommend a donation of £5.

Some of the incredible pieces will also be on sale, so don't forget your wallet/rubber pouch!