#FWL2015 – Fetish Week Screening. Are you a Tom’s Man?

#FWL2015 – Fetish Week Screening. Are you a Tom’s Man?

from Recon News

08 June 2015

On Monday 13 July we'll be taking over the private cinema of the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho to screen iconic movie 'Daddy and the Muscle Academy'.

The theme of this year's Fetish Week London is one that's very cinematic, and as such we felt it only right we should have a film screening. We've chosen a movie that looks back at some of the roots of leathermen, and examines the life of fetish icon Tom of Finland.

As most of you know, Tom was an artist who came into prominence with his drawings in magazines such as Physique Pictorial in the 1950s. His drawings depicted manly men in sexually charged, homoerotic scenes – scenes that got more and more explicit as time went on. His pictures often focussed on leather clad hero, Kake, who got up to many filthy adventures, with scores of willing men. Tom's work reached such prominence that he has been described as the most influential creator of gay pornographic images, and it's hard to deny. His influence on the gay fetish scene is still strongly felt today.

'Daddy and The Muscle Academy' is a documentary that examines the life of this great man, and includes rare interviews with Tom himself, right before he died in the early 90s. It's a wonderful record or a man who broke out of a small niche, and brought his artwork to the attention of the entire world – turning on millions of guys in the process.

The film will be screened at 7.30pm, but we'll be having drinks in the Dive Bar of Ham Yard Hotel from 7pm. There's no dress code, but feel free to gear up and come celebrate one of the godfather's of fetish! There's limited places, so be sure to book your tickets as soon as possible using the link below.