#FWL2015 – Rubber Gear Party. The rubbermen come out to play!

#FWL2015 – Rubber Gear Party. The rubbermen come out to play!

from Recon News

23 June 2015

London's biggest and kinkiest Rubber Gear Party returns to Club Union for #FWL2015 as part of our debauched Sunday evening! The sign on the door says 'Rubber gear only' – streetwear will not be permitted.

The rubbermen come out to play, and they play hard. This is a cruise party after all, and it's a perfect opportunity to meet other deviants who have a taste for the tightest and shiniest of gear!

We'll be setting up the usual play areas you'd expect from a Recon event, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to get stuck in to some filthy action with other rubbermen.

This is the one party that is exclusively for guys with a taste for rubber, so be sure to get your ticket soon, as all the rubbermen will be in attendance. The Rubber Gear Party also leads in to Deconstruction, the FWL2015 closing party at The Hoist, and joint tickets are available for both parties. Select the link below to book yours now.

The Sunday of Fetish Week London is always one of favourite days, as you can practically taste the sweat and sleaze in the air. So rubber gear the fuck up and push yourself for one last night of kinky depravity!