#FWL2016 – Introducing our new party [wags tail]

#FWL2016 – Introducing our new party [wags tail]

from Recon Events

10 March 2016

In recent years there's one type of fetish that has rapidly grown in popularity with more and more guys taking up this way of life every day. We're of course talking about Pups!

Pups and Handlers have become so popular that last year we added them as an interest group on Recon. We now have over 4000 members who have this as their primary interest, and the numbers keep on growing.

We felt it was about time we created an event at #FWL2016 where pups, handlers and all those who appreciate them can come, meet and play together. So for the first time ever we're happy to present to you a Fetish Week London pup party - wag your tails for Best-In-Show!

This won't just be a social event. We'll also be holding a puppy contest. Pups will be able to sign up to participate in the Best in Show competition. Guys in attendance will then get to vote alongside a panel of judges in categories: Most Obedient; Best Agility; Pup Personality; Best Gear and overall Best in Show.

We'll provide information on how to enter at a later date, but for now select the below link to the event listing for more info and to add yourself as going.