FWL2019: OhBilly’s Fetish Week London Survival Guide

FWL2019: OhBilly’s Fetish Week London Survival Guide

from Recon Events

29 June 2019

Fetish Week London 2019 is a marathon not a sprint. This line's a cliché, but you know what? Doesn't stop it from being true. As a four times Fetish Week survivor (barely) I can tell you that it's a good idea to pace yourself, so you get the most out of the week.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's fine to go in hard during the early stages, but just keep in mind that the Big Weekend is where you'll really want to let rip.

Here's some seasoned tips to get you through the week in one piece. You feel free to take on board or ignore whatever you see fit:

The Recon Members' Party comes with a free bar. I'll be working, so won't be touching a drop. If you see me with a beer, assume it's alcohol free…or something. You, on the other hand, should make the most of this opportunity and turn the dial up to 'merry' and beyond.

Masterclass is always packed, so be sure to get down early. If you've got your own ropes, bring 'em, then you'll be able to get involved from the off.

Unleashed is for all the pups and handlers, but it's open to everyone. It's a social at The RVT and will have a great atmosphere, though if puppy play's really not for you, then probably best to avoid and give yourself the night off.

Sports Cruise is a blast, but if you're like me you may need to watch yourself and not peak too soon. Go there, have 3 – 4 drinks, go semi-wild in the play spaces, but be sure to save some energy for the weekend – you'll need it.

There's a large changing area at Rubber Gear, but I'll be rubbering up at home, then heading down with joggers over the top. This way you can get stuck in straight away with minimal fuss.

Full Fetish is the biggest party of the week, which obviously means it has the most men attending. Security get guys through as quickly as possible, but I'd recommend getting down as early as you can. It's also kind of fun being there early. You can check out the venue, get a few drinks in you, have a bit of a dance and watch as the place fills up nicely.

Get to sleep at some point on Sunday. Get as many hours in as possible. Let's face it, you probably won't be bringing your a-game to Deconstruction, but it's always fun to give the closing party one last push. On the one hand - worst case scenario - you have a drink with your mates and bail early. On the other hand, you can make sure you're well and truly spent.

Useful items for the week

Aside from your gear – which is a requirement for a large number of the parties and desirable for the rest – there are few key items that you might do well to bring along. Here's some of my top recommendations:

A drawstring bag - Fetish gear doesn't always suffer from an abundance of pockets, so fetch a lightweight bag you can keep your bits in

Condoms and lube – this all depends on a) what you'll be getting up to, and b) how you like to get up to it. We do provide these at cruise parties, but sometime guys need bring different sizes (feel free to give me a shout if you need help applying the extra-large ones)

Rubber shine – Does exactly what it says on the tin (bottle)

Oyster Card – This year our parties are spread out across London even more, and Oyster cards are what we use to pay for public transport. Though you can use a Credit or Debit card instead of an Oyster, if you lose your Oyster, it's a whole lot less hassle.

An Uber account – Ain't nobody wants to get the tube home/back to your hotel at 6am.

For any other help or advice, Team Recon will be on hand throughout the week. Get tickets for FWL2019 using the link below