Get a taste: An introduction to electro play

Get a taste: An introduction to electro play

from Recon News

09 March 2017

In this week's 'Get a taste' article, we're exploring erotic electrostimulation or e-stim for short. It's a sexual practice used to deliver a small electric current to the body (usually the genitals), which stimulates the body's nerve endings and muscles.

This shocking sensation is enjoyed by many, especially those who practice BDSM, as it's an excellent way to dominate and control your partner. You may have heard things about e-stim which aren't necessarily true. Let's explore what's involved and how to stay safe.

The basics of e-stim

To perform electrostimulation correctly and effectively, you need to use a power box specifically designed for electro play. These are designed to be used with the human body, and are therefore safe. You should never use any other device to electrocute your partner.

These power boxes use the same technology used by the 'muscle building' electro devices you may have seen on the high street – known as 'TENS' units. The sensation provided depends on how you use the device - it can feel more like a vibration than a shock.

You can adjust the current delivered to your partner with ease via the control panel. Often, there are a range of named settings, such as 'torment' or 'tease' and these can be tweaked further to provide a specified level of stimulation. More advanced power boxes even have a microphone, which interprets music and voice into electric pulses.

Power boxes often come with a range of insertable electrodes and surface play products, including butt plugs, rubber loops and self-adhesive electrode pads. There are plenty of other electro toys you can use in conjunction with these power boxes, too.

While they may come in many different forms, there are two main types of electrodes: monopolar and bipolar. A monopolar electro butt plug needs to be paired with another electrode to complete the circuit (such as a rubber loop on the cock), while a bipolar toy can be used on its own.

E-stim play

Before beginning play, you should check the condition of the skin first. If it is dry, it will create resistance, resulting in a sharp, painful sensation (or barely any sensation at all) when the shock is delivered. It's best to rub electrode gel on the area you are about to stimulate (unless you are using self-adhesive pads), as this will conduct the electricity, resulting in deeper and better shocks. Surgical lubricant is best for urethral play.

Size matters when it comes to the electrodes you use – smaller ones provide a more focused and, therefore, intense shock to the area, whereas larger ones will distribute the sensation over the area to which they are applied. Several electrodes can be wired together to distribute the current across multiple areas.

E-stim safety tips

When done properly, with the right equipment, e-stim is one of the safest forms of play. However, you must pay attention to the following safety tips before trying it for the first time.

Most importantly, you should never create a current which leads to or near the heart, as this could cause a serious complication, such as cardiac arrest or ventricular fibrillation. It's wise to stick to a 'below the waist only' rule – avoid nipple play, as this area is too close to the heart. The head and neck are also sensitive and precious areas which should never be shocked.

Don't attempt to shock more than one person at a time using one power box. Doing so could inadvertently cause you to create a current that runs through their hearts.

Be wary of muscle contraction when playing, which can be a problem if you're shocking an area other than the genitals or anus. For example, you should never shock someone on the leg when they are standing up, as their muscles will contract, causing them to fall and potentially hurt themselves. If you are going to shock their legs, make sure they are lying or sitting down and start off with a low voltage, so their muscles can get used to the sensation. A surprise, high-voltage sensation on the legs may result in a lot of unwanted pain.

If you're interested in trying electro stimulation for the first time, it's well worth finding an experienced practitioner to show you the ropes. There are lots of hot Recon guys willing to lend a hand and introduce you to the scene, so start searching today.