Get a Taste: An introduction to mummification

Get a Taste: An introduction to mummification

from Recon News

21 February 2017

In this weeks' 'Get a taste' series, we're looking at mummification, an advanced form of bondage. Let's take a look at what it is and why it's so popular with the BDSM community.

What is mummification?

Mummification is the practice of wrapping someone up so that they are completely restricted of movement. You can use a variety of materials to do this, from bondage tape and cling film, to medical wrap and specialist mummification sacks.

Typically, the submissive partner (or sub) is mummified by the dominant partner (Dom), as for many it's about relinquishing as much control as possible. Another reason mummification is so popular is for the sensory experience it offers. Sensory deprivation is the act of taking away certain senses (such as touch, sight, sound, etc.) in order to excite and heighten the sub's other senses. The sensation of touching feels very different through a thick layer of plastic wrap or tape, which some men can't get enough of.

You may, of course, choose to have some skin on show whilst you are mummified, so sexual play is possible throughout. Some subs also enjoy having their head covered or wrapped during mummification, which increases the intensity of the sensory deprivation experience.

How to perform mummification

Understanding the process is vital if you're planning to try mummification for the first time – it's not as simple as wrapping someone up in tape. For starters, you need to find a comfortable place for your partner to lie down – a bed is a good spot. Don't attempt to wrap someone standing up unless you're sure it's safe, as your partner could too easily lose their balance and fall – unless there is a third person involved.

If you're wrapping your partner in tape, start with cling film first – you shouldn't apply tape directly to the skin. You'll need to wrap your partner several times to get the desired look and feel of the layers, so each layer should be loose, not tight. The accumulation of the layers will make the body wrap tight. Be particularly careful with your partner's chest, neck and head – they need to be able to breath comfortably.

Continue the wrapping process until as much as your partner is covered as they desire. You can engage in sexual play with them or simply admire your handiwork and let them enjoy the sensory deprivation they are currently experiencing. Do not leave them alone on their own – keep a close watch in case they get uncomfortable and be sure to massage their skin to retain their circulation.

Once your partner is ready to be released, use a pair of bandage scissors (which should be kept near your partner at all times) to safely cut them free. Then wrap them in a warm blanket and give them some drinking water: they may be slightly dehydrated following the mummification due to the amount of sweating it causes.

Safety considerations

Mummification can be tough on the mind and body, especially the first time you try it, but even seasoned practitioners need to be careful. First of all, mummification is not recommended if you are claustrophobic. If you are unsure whether it's right for you, start off slowly by only restricting small parts of your body. Whenever it feels like it is too much for you to handle, use your safe word or sound to signal you want the play to end.

Therefore, finding a good Dom that you trust is so important for mummification. Your body will be totally under their control, so you need to ensure that they are experienced. If you are the one who will be mummifying someone else, you'll need to practice your technique. You must ensure your partner is (fairly) comfortable, can breathe and that their circulation is not cut off.

Tops tips for trying mummification

• If you're not used to sensory deprivation, don't try to seal off too many senses at once, as it may cause you to panic. Start with partial mummification and keep your head uncovered until you're comfortable with the sensation.
• Try different materials to see how they feel. Medical wrap, for example, feels very different to bondage tape. See which sensations you like best and combine your favourites for extra stimulation.
• Make sure the position in which you're mummified is comfortable: some Doms use a sling to suspend mummification sacks or strap a board to the head and body. Test out various positions to see which is most comfortable/enjoyable for you.
• It may take a while to build up the endurance to practice mummification, so don't be disheartened if your first few sessions end up being quite short.

As always, it's worth chatting to other Recon members who are experienced in mummification as they will be able to give you some tips, whether you're taking the sub or Dom role. You may even be able to find someone to play with.

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