Get a taste: Trackies

Get a taste: Trackies

from Recon News

06 December 2017

Picture a guy in 'trackies' and you'll probably think of a tracksuit from a well-known sports brand tucked into white socks, a backward-tipped cap, trainers and maybe a status dog. Originating from the UK, this look has become a firm fetish favourite in its native country and has spread in popularity throughout Europe and beyond.

It's a way of dressing and a fetish linked to a specific sub-culture, with different designations in different countries. Trackies are strongly associated with 'chavs' or 'scallies' in the UK, 'kiffeurs' or 'racailles' in France, 'prolls' in Germany and 'roadmen' in America – although the look is pretty similar wherever you go.

What's also fairly universal is a somewhat dim view of the stereotypical trackie-wearer in popular culture around the world. But if you're one of a number of guys who find the trackie look a turn on, a man in this gear is likely to be exactly what you're looking for.

Trackies as a gay fetish

Unlike other fetishes that centre around a style of dress, such as skinhead or suits fetish, trackie fetish is based on a cultural identity that is often given by others as a slight, rather than self-proclaimed. Many labelled as chavs or scallies, or their local culture's equivalent, in everyday life wouldn't necessarily describe themselves that way.

Some trackie fetish men say they love the gear because it brings to mind some of the first guys they noticed as teens, while others are attracted to the trackie look as an overtly 'lad's lad' version of masculinity. In popular culture, the image of trackie-wearers is often young, rough and unruly, manly in a brash, unapologetic way. It's also a sportswear-based fetish, so it's often the case that poster boys for trackie gear are often in shape.

While some fetish men who wear the trackie look, or go for guys who do, don't fit the profile on paper, the appeal of the gear has a lot to do with the posturing bravado it evokes. The swaggering, impulsive and defiant attitude many think of as the epitome of a guy in trackies can be a massive turn on.

An introduction to the trackies fetish scene

As with any clothing fetish, there are a few golden rules to trackie fetish gear. If you want to experiment with the look, don't choose just any tracksuit; you've got to be very selective about what you wear. The basic trackie and trainers combination is pretty common in the UK, so fetish men make a distinct effort to differentiate themselves through certain labels and a set style of wearing them.

For trackies, go for Nike, Adidas or Lacoste and keep it in good condition. Whatever you wear though, don't mix and match; your trackie brand should be the same top and bottom. Take a look at French trackie style for inspiration. Trainers should be Nike, and make sure your trackie bottoms are always tucked into your socks. Generally speaking, the more expensive the sportswear the better, the more luxe brands are most desirable. Make an effort putting your gear together if you want to be noticed for the right reasons.

Trackie fetish gear is at home at most sportwear nights, although there are also nights around dedicated to purely trackie fetish, especially in the UK, France and Germany. Guys already into scene can point you in the right direction, so don't hesitate to reach out to other fetish men in the Recon community.

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