Getting Into the Scene – Sports Fetish: Where to Go

Getting Into the Scene – Sports Fetish: Where to Go

from Recon News

17 November 2016

If you're new the sports fetish scene and are ready to get involved, we thought we'd provide you with a list of parties to try out.

First, though, take some time to work out what gear you want to wear.

How to dress for a sports fetish party

Sportswear covers everything from full football kits and wrestling singlets to jockstraps, tracksuits and trainers, but each event will have its own dress code, which you must follow. Some will insist you wear the full kit of your favourite sport, whether that's football, rugby or boxing, while others are a lot more relaxed.

Make sure you do your research before turning up for an event, otherwise you might get turned away.

The best sports fetish events in Europe

We've done some research so you don't have to – here are some of the best European sports fetish events, and their dress codes.

Sports Cruise – Fetish Week London

A variety of events take place during Fetish Week London every July, including our incredibly popular Sports Cruise – check out our 2016 gallery to see what to expect. The dress code is fairly relaxed, so long as you avoid jeans. Gear and kits from all sports are allowed, as are tracksuits, jocks and trainers.

Tickets can be bought on the door. It's a very popular event, so make sure you get there early.

Sportss – The Netherlands

A large sportswear party in the Netherlands, Sportss is one of the more relaxed sports fetish events. All forms of sportwear are welcome - including sneakers - and the location of the event changes from edition to edition. As well as a dancefloor, you can enjoy a variety of areas – the lick and sniff area and the darkroom are the most popular.

Addiction – Berlin

Only a handful of Addiction events take place every year, but it's quality over quantity. These events pride themselves on representing everything sports fetish has to offer, so almost every fantasy is catered for. Addiction is the biggest sportswear party in Berlin, so there's a large, varied crowd – someone is bound to catch your eye.

Taking place at the N3 Club, each event has top guest DJs and a dark room with game zone. Again, the dress code is relaxed – pretty much anything goes here.

Sportsbolt Club – London

Offering more than just a fun night out, Sportsbolt Club in Vauxhall, London wants to you to be totally immersed in the sportswear scene. That's why only full kits are allowed. You'll get to indulge in some of your most exciting fantasies here, as there's a locker room play area. At the Takedown events, you can watch hot, sweaty men wrestle each other, and even join in yourself.

Players – Paris

Players is one of the best events to attend if you're new to the scene, as it boasts a "fun and friendly" atmosphere. Sports fetish fans come from all over Europe to dance and play with likeminded men at the KLUB, which hosts Players. Promising an affordable bar, spacious dark room and an exclusive house, pop and dance set from DJ MOG, this event comes highly recommended.

Naturally, the dress code is strictly sports fetish, but all types of sportswear are covered, from streetwear and tracksuits, to motocross and rugby.

Berlin Sneakers – Berlin

As you may have guessed, the focus of this event is sneakers. If you're not wearing any, you won't get in, it's as simple as that. Known as Berlin's hottest sneaker fetish party, you'll be greeted with welcome shots and snacks. Dance, relax in the chill room and then head downstairs into the darkroom and play area for some real fun.

For more advice on where to go for some sports fetish action, why not ask some of our members? If you're nervous about attending your first party, it's good to have a friendly face to greet you upon arrival.

If you have any suggestions about sports fetish events which aren't covered here, especially those of you outside Europe, please let us know by emailing: