Goodbye to RaunchyMan as Featured Member

Goodbye to RaunchyMan as Featured Member

from Recon News

30 April 2016

We were fortunate enough to meet up with RauncyMan - April's Featured Member - back when we were in Sydney for Mardi Gras. He pretty much charmed the pants off us, so it's fair to say we're sad to wave goodbye for now.

We checked in with him to get some final words on his time as FM, and to see what he's got coming up:

"Thanks for the opportunity, I've loved being a Featured Member.

I'm travelling next month so have made some solid contacts for my travels. The support I'm getting for IML in messages from around the world has been really humbling. It's also given me a nice platform to chat with local fellas about

It was a pleasure meeting the Recon guys over Mardi Gras and I'm looking forward to replying to the many 'cruises'"

The pleasure was ours. Everyone going to IML be sure to keep an eye out for this guy!

If you'd like to apply to be Featured Member, send your Recon username to: