Hidden Gallery renamed to Private Gallery

Hidden Gallery renamed to Private Gallery

from Recon Support

29 April 2018

You might have seen that we've renamed the Hidden Gallery to 🔒Private Gallery.

Whilst we've got big plans for the Manage Photos function, we wanted to solve a small problem that some members have experienced. From feedback received we saw that members were confused as to what the Hidden Gallery was and who could view it.

Your newly named 🔒Private Gallery cannot be accessed by anyone but you. You can't 'unhide' the gallery to anyone, but you can use it as a quick way to send private photos to members in messages.

Rest assured nothing has changed with permissions, we've just responded to feedback members have provided and changed the name to something more appropriate. We've even added the 🔒 next to this album to indicate that this gallery isn't viewable to any other users but you.