INTERVIEW: A chat with longtime member ‘kevinjje’

INTERVIEW: A chat with longtime member ‘kevinjje’

from Recon News

28 October 2017

Recon: Hi Kevinjje
You've been on Recon since you were 18! Tell us how you got into fetish at that age?

Kevinjje: Well, actually I was into fetish much longer before. However, when I turned 18 I was finally able to enjoy the possibilities joining a kink site like RECON - though at that time it was the WorldRubbermen page. I was very lucky that me and my generation had the internet, so I had the chance to connect to different people. I also met my then boyfriend who introduced me into a lot of fetish and kinky play.

R: You must have had some adventures over the years. Any you'd like to share?

Kjj: Well at the age of 18 I visited for the first time a real fetish bar. I was frightened at that point, as it was the first time that the fantasy and what I'd talked about online became a reality. I didn't ever regret taking that first step.

R: You seem to have a wide range of tastes. What would you say are your favourite types of gear?

Kjj: Well it all depends on the mood and purpose. I have a wide range of interests so all from rubber, leather, uniforms, NBC, Military, Hazmat… all are great within their time. For going out and socializing I do like to be in leather and uniforms. I consider Rubber and Hazmat are better for playing 

R: And your favourite types of play?

Kjj: Mind games, which includes for me BDSM from soft to hard, especially bondage, breath play, mind play, control, behavior modification, to play with limits….and a lot more. To list all would fill the next ten pages. Safe play is very important to me, so all play has its limits.

I can be nice and sweet but also mean and cruel…just ask the right people.

R: What's the fetish scene like in Paris? Will we be seeing you at our party there?

Kjj: When I arrived 10 years ago in Paris, I've felt the scene was actually dying, since people were more and more on the internet. However, that also gave me the chance to play a lot in private. Since Paris is the capital it also offers a wide range of people into kink. Within the last years the fetish associations have helped the old and new fetish bars. People have again started to go out in fetish and are proud to show it. Even just for an Apero. For me I am more than happy to live here, as it gives me a lot of opportunities.

For sure I am planning to be at the party. It is always nice to have a venue like that nearby.

R: You seem to travel around a lot. Where are your favourite fetish destinations?

Kjj: Wow, that is difficult...within Europe my favourites are London, Berlin Antwerp etc. however there are a lot of kinky places to visit. In the US it would be Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle…Well I still have a lot to discover, and I am also planning to check out destinations like Australia and Eastern Europe…

R: What do you go for in a fetish man?

Kjj: Well I'm into "Bears", especially, when they are older than me who like to share, and to receive and provide pleasure. It is more than just physical, it also needs to be a mental match. For me the face on a fetish man is important…especially when it shows a beard. However, it's always nice to share with different types of men as everybody has something interesting to dig out.

R: Do you have any fetishes or kinks you'd still like to try?

Kjj: Heavy suits like diving suits, astronaut suits…for play plaster, long term isolation, long term control. Well, even with normal situations it is always possible to enhance the play and enjoy more the next time.

For me it is important to share the play and experiences with different people. You can always learn new tricks. That's why I find it important to chat a lot with a guy before meeting to the next steps. Also, I'm really pleased when there's more than one fun time with the partner, then we can really develop on the good way.

R: Are there any guys on Recon our members should check out?

Kjj: Through the years, I met so may really nice guys. I would say people registered as my friends on my profile deserve to be known. Here's some examples of great guys: Bullmanx, Chapshard, Chapsngloves and Whipmaster