INTERVIEW: Bouncer – Mr. International Rubber

INTERVIEW: Bouncer – Mr. International Rubber

from Recon News

17 March 2019

Recon: Describe yourself in one sentence

Bouncer: Big shinny cuddly kitty on heels that does his best to be a good human being

R: How did you first get a taste for rubber?

B: Batman returns, Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman, the whole outfit and character was really inspiring to me and got me curious about rubber when I was a kid, the first time I tried some I immediately fell in love with it!

R: What do you love about rubber and the rubber scene?

B: I love that it shines, I looks beautiful no matter what light you have, I like the tightness and the feeling on my skin, and it's perfect for cuddles!

R: What led you to entering MIR?

B: There were a lot of people from Montreal that wanted me to run for a title, I ended up running for Mister Rubber Montreal and 3 months after I was given the title I went for the international title! I wanted to make my hometown and community proud and also represent the French-Canadian community on the international platform!

R: How was the contest in Chicago and what was it like to win?

B: The contest is a lot of fun; it's intense and exhausting, but very fun! To be honest I did not know I would of win, it really surprised me! Actually, I cried out of excitement and a little bit out of panic, because I was not totally sure of what I was getting myself into. But right after the competition, when I got tons of support from the producers and people around me, it made me realize I wasn't all alone in this experience and it made me feel confident about my ability to carry the title 

R: What's the best thing so far about being Mr. International Rubber?

B: The platform is quite amazing, people from all around the world reached out to me on Instagram (@condesta) or Facebook on my MIR22 page to show me support and tell me a bit more about their community in their hometown - it's really interesting! My year of travelling just began recently with my trip to Washington DC, Belgium and UK. It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to more trips! To help me afford to travel, I sell cute little pins, and it feels weird to send some all over the planet; the support from everyone is much appreciated!

R: Do you have any other fetishes or kinks aside from rubber?

B: For those who have seen my fantasy scene at MIR, you know I love impact play. I use single tail whips, floggers, dragontails, horsecrops and spanking of course!

R: What's the fetish scene like in Montréal?

B: It's growing! It gets bigger and better every year! We throw awesome parties in Montreal, but nudity is illegal in bars so we are very limited in what can be done within those parties – it doesn't stop the boys from showing as much skin as possible, though! On the other hand I wish that there would be more people in full coverage, and not just harnesses and jockstraps – mind you, I think both look very good too!

R: What do you go for in fetish guys?

B: I'm usually into small cute scruffy boys with nice butts! I have this passion for cute butts; love to take naps on them! Seriously, though, someone who is self-confident, who assumes their fetishes and their passion for them at the fullest. I truly believe that confidence is the new sexy, believe in yourself, know your worth and who you are, and smile! I'm a chemistry kind of guy, I never know if I'll match with someone until I meet him in person, so I never make promises!

R: Finally, if there's anything else you want to say to our members – or the fetish world at large – now's your chance

B: You guys from Recon are showing me all the love and support, it is soooo much appreciated. Thank you for reaching out to me online or when you see me in events. If you do see me, please come say hi, I try to be as open and approachable as possible, don't be shy and come give me a big hug!

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Photography by @d81photos