INTERVIEW: ki55inger – Mr Rubber Europe 2019

INTERVIEW: ki55inger – Mr Rubber Europe 2019

from Recon News

25 April 2019

Recon: Describe yourself in one sentence

Ki55inger: A warm-hearted, hyperactive, talkative Fetish "Queen"?

R: How did you first get a taste for rubber?

K: The Matrix!!! And then later, while working in the Netherlands I had the craziest/best 60-year-old neighbouring couple (Herman Brood friends). Planning our outfits for a "Pimp and Hooker" student party, my neighbour suddenly introduced this Rubber Gimp Idea, and suddenly the whole outfit came out of the closet. To keep a long afternoon short, I suddenly got dressed up as a rubber gimp slave, and although being at a straight student party… I never got more attraction from guys as that night.

R: What do you love about rubber and the rubber scene?

K: Rubber is just pure sex no? A guy in full rubber will always attract me, and I will need to touch him. Except for the already mentioned sexual part, the Rubber and Fetish Scenes have provided me a feeling of coming home as a young Fetishist. I got to know a bunch of crazy people that were involved in the community, taking care of themselves and others, taking control over their lives, discussing what they want, and how they are realizing this.

R: What led you to entering Mr Fetish Austria, then Mr Rubber Europe?

K: I started visiting the bigger fetish events abroad, having the idea that Vienna did not have that much to offer fetish wise. But at a certain point I realized: Von nix kommt nix (German), meaning: If you don't engage and involve yourself, nothing will happen either. At this timepoint I decided to start volunteering and help out in our local fetish community.

For a few years, I was asked to participate in the Mr. Fetish Austria competition. The first few years I did not feel ready yet to be a mister nor to stand in public. Last year, I had a different feeling, I had experienced the value certain misters had for me and had the opportunity to discuss with different Misters in Europe. So, I decided to enrol, and that's how I became Mr. Fetish Austria 2018.

R: How was the contest in Antwerp and what was it like to win?

K: I really enjoyed the Mr. Rubber Europe contest in Antwerp. Far and Foremost, because I knew most of the contestants beforehand, and was looking forward to doing the show together with them. I felt prepared and supported, and just let it all come over me.

How was it like to win? It's a strange and, at the same time, incredible feeling, certainly because of the respect I carry for many, if not all the other contestants. It's a very special experience and I am still so honoured with the Mr. Rubber Europe 2019 title and look forward to the year to come!

R: What's the best thing so far about being Mr Rubber Europe 2019?

K: The explosion of my Facebook? To step into the huge footprints of Michael Gehring? To finally have my long-wanted Rubber Sash? No, the best part to me, is the confirmation that what I have been doing as Mr. Fetish Austria, is appreciated by many people, and that I get a second chance to try to have even more impact for our community, with all knowledge I acquired during my first title year.

R: Do you have any other fetishes or kinks aside from rubber?

K: Off course I do have other fetishes and kinks aside from Rubber. Our human minds are programmed to continuously experience new things! Kink-wise, I have always had my fantasies and experiences in Domination/submission, with me being the submissive part in combination with different kinds of bondage games.

Aside from rubber, fetish to me means the feeling a certain set of clothes can provide a person, making this person feel attractive, hot, strong, unbeatable! I love to experiment and try new things! Motorbike leathers or certain sports gears can definitely get me off as well. But Rubber, what can I say… Nothing compares to you..,

R: What's the fetish scene like in Vienna?

K: Vienna or better said Austria has a unique fetish community. We are one community, many of us know each other, and originate from the LMC-Vienna society and the club house HARD ON (yes the one in Vienna 😉). The LMC is an inclusive group of Fetish Guys, providing the title of Mr. Fetish Austria, rather than to separate between Mr. Leather or Mr. Rubber titles. Not to forget our strongest growing fetish community, the Austrian Puppy's. I love our community, as we all try to stand and work together, without separating us in too many sub cultures. To further support and open the Fetish community in Vienna, we created a new place called ROPP (Republic of Patta Patta), where we intent and succeed to mix Fetish in everyday life, to celebrate diversity.

R: What do you go for in fetish guys?

K: Except for the perfect outfit? Confidence, and the sneaky eyes behind that.

R: Finally, if there's anything else you want to say to our members – or the fetish world at large – now's your chance

K: In the spirit of 50 years Stonewall, we as the Fetish community, are a sub sub community that stood strong together with many suppressed transgender Women. The LGBTiQ+ community still is fighting for tolerance and acceptance, but we sometimes lose due to unacceptance within our own small communities. Therefore: Be kind, understanding, forgiving within the fetish scene, and within our LGBTiQ+ community as a whole. First, look at yourself before judging others. But most of all, keep the spirit alive, and keep on having a lot of fun!

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