INTERVIEW: PupShade & Owner4FistPup

INTERVIEW: PupShade & Owner4FistPup

from Recon News

05 March 2018

We fired over some questions to Recon members and fetish couple PupShade and Owner4FistPup. Here's what they had to say:

Tell us about your fetish tastes

PupShade: Main play is rubber pup play, or rubber (not always as a pup). New to FF (as a bottom) but eager to learn as much as I can and get stretched as often as possible. I've only managed one fist so far but welcome some ass training from fist tops. Piss play has always been a love of mine, I'm a very yellow pup and the more yellow it gets, the better! Also trying out CBT, which I'm starting to enjoy; TT which still makes me flinch a bit and sounding is another thing I tried recently but would really love to get into more.

Owner4FistPup: Main play is fisting (as top) depth and punch. Also get a lot of enjoyment from cbt, tt, cp and ws, as well as rubber, leather, sounding, electro and puppy play. A huge lover of piss, but more on the receptive side of things. 80% active but for the right man who can dominate me I will switch. It does happen from time to time, though it's more of a head space thing and doesn't always mean abusing my ass.

Tell us how you got into fetish/kink

PS: I started with rubber and pup play after seeing it online, making a few fetish friends locally (which was a challenge in Preston) and then venturing out to events like PupSocial, which was in Boltz in Birmingham. There I met lots of likeminded people, but also member Aduki, who steered me in the direction of Recon. This opened up a whole world of new kinks and fetishes to explore, and encouraged me to visit Berlin and Manchester - where I now live!

O4FP: Not too dissimilar from Rich, I saw fetish first online and this sparked my interest in FF. Then moving to Manchester, the rubber community was very open and welcoming, so I decided I would try my best to go out and make myself known. This allowed me to meet people who were into the same sorts of things I was finding about myself and I was able to develop my fetish further and discover new interests.

Tell us how you like to play

PS: I always enjoy relaxed long sessions but never like to turn down a spontaneous opportunity that presents itself. Or that I can present myself to. Very willing to test my limits and try new things but never really going to say no to old favourites like pupping out and piss play. Not as shy as I once was, so you may find me in a dark room, or even a light room, doing my thing, and if you want to join in all you have to do is ask/tell me.

O4FP: Long, slow and chilled sessions are my main style of play, but I always like to ensure there is mutual pleasure. Making sure the sub is happy and feels safe but keen to be taken to new limits.

Tell us what you're keen to try that you haven't yet

PS: I am super keen to try lots of things I haven't gotten around to yet but am working towards; depth being a priority. I took my first fist last year and am very eager to work on getting bigger and longer things in there! I would love to get more into bondage. I've been tied up a few times and would enjoy the opportunity to have a session with more restraints, something heavier than rope. Finally, something I really like the idea of is playing in a group larger than three, I've never had more than a threesome and would be very receptive to the idea of a larger group session.

O4FP: I am really interested in learning rope work as I feel it would be a great addition to my skills during sessions where a sub may need to be positioned or controlled. Mummification as both sub and Dom is interesting to me. The sensory deprivation aspect, including rubber, is very appealing as I also would like to try being gimped up as a drone, and hopefully soon I will be able to try a vac bed.

Tell us the main perks of being a kinky couple

Both: A 'never a dull moment' sex life - not that vanilla sex is off the cards by any means. Being able to be entirely honest and share ourselves completely with each other is the best part of being a kinky couple.

Finding a balance between our fetish selves and normal life can be a lot of work. There's some cross over – like, the odd, awkward moment your boyfriend refers to you as 'Dog' around your mother - but that's all a part of the fun that comes of being so open with your lives.

We have an amazing and undoubtedly interesting group of friends who form a part of a growing and close community within Manchester and across the country, going as far as the US. Without fetish we wouldn't know a fraction of the brilliant, funny and caring people that we do, have such fun or have the opportunity to be ourselves in an environment where it's celebrated to be who you are.

Tell us about some of your favourite fetish experiences

O4FP: MRM8 Last year was such great experience. from show tunes, to play, to getting tied up on multiple occasions in the eagle (really enjoyed not being in control)

PS: Being showered in piss from the grate above in the LAB in Berlin was one of the most intense things I have done to date; the smell of the rubber and other people around was incredible. Something I would absolutely do again, many, many times.

O4FP: Being in a full catsuit and collared and being forced to my knees and pissed on as well as being slapped every time I spoke out of turn

Both: Meeting each other at one of the Manchester RubberMen bar crawls in October 2016 was a surreal experience as we had chatted for a while on Recon, but circumstance always meant we never got around to meeting. When we bumped into each other it was very apparent to one of us that the other was ideal. The other one took some convincing, but a year and a half later we both like to think it was the best moment either of us had at any fetish event.

PS: The first time Kiernan got his fist in me was a moment where I felt a real (and deserved) sense of achievement. I'm not sure why but I felt like a new door to fetish had been opened, and since then I have been really excited to get very involved in training my ass to take more.