Interview with this month’s Featured Member: StarFFuck76 – Part 1

Interview with this month’s Featured Member:  StarFFuck76 – Part 1

from Recon News

09 February 2015

We chatted with StarFFuck76, this month's Featured Member. He was very candid about his kinks and his fetish experiences. Here's part 1 where we discuss how he got into fetish, The Boots and his taste in fetish guys:

Recon: Hi StarFFuck76. How you doing?

StarFFuck76: Hi! I am doing really well!

R: Where in the world are you based?

S: I am living in the north of France, in Lille which is a few kilometres away from Belgium.

R: How long have you been using Recon for?

S: Over 10 years…maybe more! LOL

R: Wow! That's great.
When did you last hook up with a guy from Recon? Have you any favourite members?

S: 2 weeks ago here in Lille. And yes I have some favourite members….I am trying to be discrete  so no names!

R: Haha Fair enough. When did you first start getting into fetish?

S: I started with fetish as I was 22. I was really into rubber in that time it was in 1998, the year as I arrived in Berlin.

R: Would you say there's a difference between you and your fetish persona?

S: No I won't say that because it's part of myself and even if it's a detail or accessories, I am always wearing some fetish. I like to keep control of the image of myself that I am showing outside. I am also an observer and my sleazy mind is never leaving me!

R: As it should be!
Now, I met you in The Boots in Antwerp at the Recon event there. First of all, did you have a good night?

S: Oh yes, it was such a great night and to be honest I could compare it with the Snax in Berlin…smaller of course but the same feeling, same atmosphere….great music and fucking horny guys on every corner!

R: Was that your first time at The Boots or at a Recon event?

S: It was my second time at the Boots and my first Recon event.

R: Do you think you'd go again?

S: Yes definitely! Can't wait for the next one!

R: What's your favourite fetish club? At home or abroad?

S: The Snax party in Berlin but the Snax which was organised in Ostgut, today this is at the Berghain. Different building but same area of Berlin. I also like the KitKat Club also in Berlin…great memories!

R: Do you get to travel around much? I reckon plenty of Recon guys would want to know when you're in their area.

S: Yes I definitely do! At the moment I am more concentrated on my work and my new home sweet home but I have to say that I am traveling every 2 weeks to discover a new city, small or big. Depends on the parties (often private), the events and on my availabilities. As I am living close to Belgium, the Netherlands and England, I am planning some trips around all Belgium Amsterdam and London for the next 4 months. So be ready to entertain me because I hate to be bored and be sure that I will entertain you….all night long!

R: I have a feeling you're gonna get taken up on that offer!
What's Lille like for meeting fetish guys?

S: I am still discovering this city. There are some nice private parties, there is also a fetish club which is the Sling, but unfortunately not the best one that I ever saw. The atmosphere and the music could be better. But it's clean, many cabins and some slings.

R: Your profile shows you're a guy who knows what he wants and likes what he likes. What kind of fetish guys get you hardest? Any main preference?

S: For me an attractive guy is a very masculine and self-confident man. Humour is also sexy. He should be dynamic, straightforward and modern. That kind of guy who can wear leather, rubber or sports gear and still look horny cause he has this positive attitude. A versatile guy is more interesting cause he knows both ways and I like to switch. The most important is to keep feeling young and happy with his life. Age doesn't really matter. The karma does.