Interview with this month’s Featured Member: StarFFuck76 – Part 2

Interview with this month’s Featured Member:  StarFFuck76 – Part 2

from Recon News

17 February 2015

Here's the second part of our interview with Featured Member, StarFFucker76, where we discuss fisting, rim seats and Berlin:

Recon: I bet you've had some horny adventures through Recon, right? Any you'd like to share?

StarFFucker76: I have so much! My first time in London. I went there with my best friend. It was so fantastic. In that time "Absolutely Fabulous" was really famous and the gay scene was full of Edinas and Patsys!
Anyway I had a nice chat with a couple. 2 horny guys, rubber skin look, very British. I went there, south London, and it was such a piggy night, weekend….big sling, dildo's, lots of lube. I will never forget it!

R: That sounds amazing! Given me a bit of a semi! ha
When we met you were wearing a wrestling singlet. Would you say this was typical of the gear you like to wear? You into sportswear?

S: Yes! At the moment this is what I like and I feel comfortable with sports gear. It's sexy and I think it suits me well :)

R: Yeah, you look good to me.
You also have fisting down as your primary interest. So, you often put those slim hands to good

S: Yes I can say I have magic hands…If I have a nice bubble but in front of me with nice blond hair…it makes me crazy! But I also love to get fisted…versatile is the best, in private parties I can be more relaxed and let the pig out!

R: Which do you prefer: to fist or be fisted? Or can you not call it? What about it turns you on?

S: Like I said I prefer versatile. It depends on my sex partner. But don't like 100% bottoms…too boring for me. I like it deep and at some point also punching… to make me scream LOL

R: That's hot.
Do you like to use toys and equipment? Any favourite pieces?

S: I like dildos and recently I tried a rimmchair….OMG!!! I am normally a quiet guy during sex, more cerebral but need to feel connected….anyway as I was on this rimmchair it was like magic! A new orgasm! Everybody should try it once! And Like to be on and under! :-p I am really into rimming!!

R: Nice! (Shameless product placement) We got some new rim seats in the store last month, you should check them out!
You told me you'd graced the cover of a magazine in Berlin. How did this come about? Was it just the cover or did you have a spread inside?

It was in 2009. I just had my 33 birthday. I got a message on Gayromeo and was about to be the cover boy of the Siegessäule in April. I thought, this is a joke?! I was really unsure to do that because I knew I would be seen everywhere in town. But I decided to do it because it was a campaign again Violence against gay people in Berlin. It was really funny during that month…April is also the month of the Leather Pride in Berlin…so all my friends from France could see me. And I have to say, I got lots of positive feedbacks and compliments.

R: That's brilliant. Great cause to be the face of.
Did you live in Berlin? How does the Berlin fetish scene compare to home or other places you've been, like Antwerp?

Yes I lived in Berlin 15 years and it was a great time. I could grow up there, sexually I mean but being more mature. More that I could be if I was staying in France. Berlin is also full of darkrooms, sex parties every weekend, all kind of fetishes on every corner. More underground…sometimes it feels like being in hell! LOL There's no real fashion because Berlin is full of tolerance and freedom. This is the difference. Real men, no fems, horny pigs and never ending weekend! But Antwerp is great and I like to go there, the atmosphere, beautiful city! I always feel welcome there :)

R: Yeah, agreed. Both those cities are amazing.
Well, thanks for taking the time to chat and for being featured Member.