ISSUE_02: Message from Recon

ISSUE_02: Message from Recon

from Recon News

13 September 2019

By ThatSandy

The positive response to our first issue was truly overwhelming and it makes me proud to present Recon Issue_02: a collection of articles, illustrations and photography focusing on what it means to be kinky and queer today.

Reflecting on the past year, it's clear that you guys want more out of the scene, more ways to connect and more opportunities to gear up. It's been awesome to see how much you've enjoyed the acts at our Fetish Cabarets and the pop music room at Recon London. These things break with fetish traditions but show that the scene is willing and able to grow and change in different ways. I was also really touched by the reaction to my article "Where My People At?" in Issue_01, discussing diversity on the scene in a video interview with the ONYX Northeast chapter. I was told that it had an impact on people of colour, whilst also reaching out to our allies, which is incredible.

With that in mind, in Issue_02 I wanted to continue the conversation about how the scene can evolve, become more diverse and inclusive as well as share the unique talents and creativity that we have within it.

Issue_02 has Recon members spot and FlyBoyChi write about the significance of fetish history and where we might be heading, how embracing both past and future is imperative to the survival of the scene. Evolving the scene is necessary but in order to do this we must first know our history. I'm also thrilled that Rick Castro, the iconic fetish photographer, has given some recommendations on where to start in order to keep the spirit of fetish alive.

I'm really pleased to have visual artists Deivid Gómez, Dark Side of Pan and Nicholas Flanagan show their unique point of view on fetish. Issue_02 also has illustrators Andy Warlord and James Newland - who has created a piece specially for us. Of course, it wouldn't be a Recon issue without OhBilly and Skully detailing their kink experiences and stories.

Recently I've been invited to represent Recon and the scene in things like kink and sex educators, Watts The Safeword and the Busy Being Black podcast. Speaking about representation and bringing more diversity to the scene is very important to me. The team and I are always thinking about the role we play in this and what we can do to improve it. So, lastly, I'm extremely excited to share a project called 'The Boys' Club' photographed by Raf & Way. Make sure you also check out the accompanying video, which will be available to watch next Friday.

We all have a role to play in bettering and evolving the scene, no matter the size of our circle of influence. It's the only way we can ensure that everyone who has an interest or curiosity can get more out of it, so that more people can connect and discover this wonderful world of fetish and kink.

Sandy Pianim

Brand Director

Recon Issue_02, containing articles, photography and artwork focused on fetish and kink, will be available in fetish locations around the world and online soon. Currently available in London and Paris. Be sure to come get a copy from the Recon booth during Folsom Europe and Folsom Street Fair. In the meantime, you can revisit Issue_01 using the link below