ISSUE_03 - Get to know Recon member Latexrush

ISSUE_03 - Get to know Recon member Latexrush

from Recon News

18 August 2021

When we came across LatexRush's profile we were really taken aback by how confident this young black man was displaying his fetish so proudly and profoundly. It was a quiet confidence. The composition of his photos and strong sense of aesthetic told us everything we needed to know about him and his approach to fetish. He stands out. It's rare that you see such a young person of colour display such a clear vision of themselves. For many like him, it's normally a journey to reach a certain fetish destination, so I wanted to find out more.

What would you say are your primary fetishes and kinks, and have they evolved over time?

My main kinks are leather, latex, bondage and submissive role play scene. They've evolved in ways that I didn't think they could. I like how some of my kinks can cross intersections (like bondage & leather/latex) it keeps me always seeking more and open to new experiences.

Tell us some of your fantasies…

I began my kink journey when I was a teenager. It started out more of a fashion interest. I just wanted to get my hands on a pair of shiny leather jeans, and I thought my life would be complete after that. My fantasies have evolved since then. I wanted to experience a bondage scene, done it. I wanted to serve a leather daddy, done it. Recently I got to try a vac bed. I've manifested everything I wanted to experience thus far. At this point in time, I just want a partner I can trust, be open with and honest about the things we want to try and experience with each other.

You mentioned in your bio you sent over that someone on Recon took you under their wing. How important was that mentorship/friendship in guiding you through your fetish journey?

My mentors name was Larry. He was a sweet man who taught me that kink is more than just "raunchy sex". It's a community of misfits, he described it as. I felt like I never really fit into a community of any group. I'm not black enough for the black community, deemed as "white-wash" because of the way I articulate. I never had a solid group of friends and was seen as the black sheep in my family. I've always been on the search for my tribe and when I met Larry he gave me hope that there's a possibility this is the community for me. Larry informed me about hanky code, the relationship and dynamics that a submissive and Dom/Sir has and much more. I was educated while getting to know him and his experience.

Do you feel that there are a lot of barriers for young black men to get into the scene?

I think they don't see enough of themselves in the community. It makes people feel less welcomed when they don't see a group of people representing them. I was hesitant on even attaching myself to a community like this because of the stereotypes that would be associated with the kink community. I also feel that "slave" is still a sensitive term to be using especially when you look at how BDSM is rooted in slavery. The black community wants to detach themselves from that history as much as possible; it can be looked at as if we're taking steps backwards as a community. There are very taboo play scenes that wouldn't make sense to those who don't partake in them such as race play. These things make it difficult to enter a community like this.

We've spoken about the perception that kink and fetish is a "white person thing" on our 'Black, Gay & Kinky' episode of The Recon Podcast and the desire to change that narrative is what drove you to create your zine. Why is representation and inclusion within the community so important to you?

I made my zine to influence and bring light that there are black men in this community and more than you'd think. When having conversation about my kink interest with some followers on my other Instagram, people would often say very ignorant things. One that stuck with me was when someone said, "that's such a white person thing". My zine was originally made for a portfolio to take to modelling agencies. I then printed them to turn it into something for mass consumption for the purpose of representing the BIPOC. I still plan on using my zine for both purposes.

What influences your fetish art?

I look at movies such as Blade, the Matrix trilogies, fashion, music and honestly everything. I feel most inspired after leaving a concert because I feel high on life and think how the artist performing manifested that night. I pull inspiration from anything and everything and manifest these things into my work.

You're yet to experience a kink event, are there any you'd like to go to, when everything is back to normal?

I want to go to the UK for some fetish events. I'd be interested in attending Folsom in the states before traveling worldwide. I feel like I'd get the same sense of community like when I'm at pride. I love pride because everyone is so loving and light, people are smiling and complimenting one another. That's how I imagine these kink and fetish events, a more personable experience rather than one that involves a phone/computer screen.

What do you hope for the future of our scene?

I hope it stays alive and bring in some youth within our community. On a separate note, I hope the gay community can digress on unrealistic standards. In a time with digital façade people get lost in what's not real.