It’s time to say farvel (Danish goodbye) to Duncan84

It’s time to say farvel (Danish goodbye) to Duncan84

from Recon News

30 November 2015

Throughout November Duncan84 has been our hot little Featured Member. He gave us a great interview, some hot pics and recorded a video for us about his favourite gear - which we're now going to run as a regular feature. He's an incredibly warm and friendly guy who also happens to be completely filthy. We shall miss him! Here's what he had to say about his time:

'When I got contacted about being featured member on Recon, I wasn't all that sure what it would bring. But I found the idea fun and went along with it. After all, it's quite an honour to get such a opportunity! Now, on an early morning a month later, i'm reflecting over the last month and I must admit it's been one hell of a ride!

The response from the members on Recon has been unbelievable, and I must thank all of you guys for the amount of fun, nice chats, compliments, swopped pix, jerk offs and steamy sex! It's brought me a lot of pleasure and joy. Not only for me, but also for my ass haha. You guys are amazing.

Besides all the sleazy greasy fun I, on a more serious note, need to mention all the connections I've made across the globe, and adding new friends to the list. Friends I know I will see a lot more of in the future! Sex and kink is all fun and games, but friendship lasts longer than your next ejaculation!

Thanks to Recon for this possibility and thanks to all the members for making this "journey" an exciting time!! I hope to see all of you some day! Whether it's in Denmark, a darkroom or at one of Recons many great parties!


Thanks Duncan84. We shall definitely see you soon!

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