Kyteotter waves goodbye

Kyteotter waves goodbye

from Recon News

31 October 2016

Here's what 'kyteotter' had to say about his time in the spotlight, and where you'll be able to see him next:

'The response from guys on Recon has been fantastic, and barely manageable. Thanks to all the guys that have given me a cruise and a shout out, it has been really awesome to hear from a lot of people who love the gear and want to know more about me. I have also had the chance to start chatting and to meet to a few guys through the experience which has worked out really well!

You can find me at Gummi at the Hoist as well as a few regular events around London. Sadly, I won't be able to make Recon London, as I will be travelling, but will be on the west coast of the states over Christmas and New Year's. Heading to Edinburgh In November to see the place and doing a lot of travel into the new year, including hopefully Leatherpride Belgium, a trip to Iceland and of course Fetish Week London / Folsom Europe 2017.'

Thanks 'kyteotter', we'll be seeing you very soon!

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