LYNX: Unwrapping the fetish of Mummification

LYNX: Unwrapping the fetish of Mummification

from Recon News

29 May 2020

Lynx AKA LeathermanLynx has been involved in Leather/KINK/BDSM as a follower, leader, supporter and champion of education in our community since 2015. In this piece, he speaks about mummification and how it can provide an escape for those of us who really are interested in letting go of control.

When it comes to Bondage, there's a hell of a lot of information out there. After all, Bondage is the lead word in the acronym BDSM. It's a broad term that has many different methods of implementation and execution. The tools can be varied and the technique personal and individual. Among the most popular are ropes, restraints, handcuffs, chains, paracords and my personal favorite, Mummification.

More than likely, anyone who's sat in on a 5th Year History Course might have initially heard of Mummification when learning about life in Ancient Egypt. If not, there have been a slew of movies about a certain "Evil" Mummy that has an axe to grind with a broad-shouldered, sinewy Brendan Fraser and subsequent Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It's true that long ago in Egypt, Mummification was used as a means of preparing the dead for burial. When someone died, the Egyptians would perform their version of an autopsy, then 'mummify' the body according to ritual. It was sacred, serious and done with the deepest amount of respect for the dead. In our culture's arena of radical sexuality, we might not be preparing a body for the afterlife, but when it comes to Bondage -- specifically Mummification, we are indeed preparing the body for an experience. The type of experience is totally up to those involved.

As a form of Bondage, Mummification renders the sub completely immobile, in some cases from head-to-toe with air hole openings at the nose and/or mouth only. Why would anyone willingly choose to be completely bound, unable to move, escape or otherwise defend themselves in any meaningful way? There is no one answer to this question. In my experience though, it's often been to relinquish control, power and authority to another...if only for a moment or two. People play in bondage because it provides an opportunity for one to "let go" in a way they might not otherwise have. Some of the most "in-control" or "structured" people we know secretly yearn for an opportunity to leave that weight at the door and let someone they trust take charge for a while. For some, bondage is freeing. For others, it's cathartic. And for others still, it's highly erotic!
Some years ago, a dear friend of mine agreed to sub for me in a Mummification Scene at a local leather bar we were patronizing. We had played together before and had established a high level of trust, so I upped the ante in my request. I asked if I could not only mummify him, but also have a little fun with his senses at the same time -- I knew he had a fetish for tickling, nipple play and some "light" CBT, so I wanted to make this fun! He agreed. We set the space and shortly thereafter, I placed him where I wanted him to be for the duration of the scene (making sure that he'd be fine in that position for as long as the scene would last).

After securing him in place, he was stripped down to nothing…and then blindfolded. I leaned in from behind and whispered in his ear, "We're about to begin, I want physical cues from you… up and down nods of your head to continue \ left and right shakes if we need to adjust." "Yes, Sir." And with that, the scene started to unfold. Twenty-Five minutes later (or so), he was fully wrapped head to toe, with an opening just for his mouth.

Mummification can be a hot activity, literally. The body is wrapped in industrial strength plastic wrap from the bottom of the feet/ankle area to the top of the head. It's important that there is water nearby for intermittent hydration...for both players, actually -- it's a physical activity, Mummification. It's also a tightly-bound experience which can create light-headedness in anyone, experienced or not. It's vital that frequent checks are performed so that the connection between Dom/sub is consistent and present. A question I hear more often than not is, "Once the wrapping is finished, what else is there? It seems that the scene would be over...all that's left is to let him out." Well, yes that may be true. IF, in fact, that is the end of the scene. It certainly doesn't have to be though.

Now that we have a completely helpless submissive; bound top to bottom, the real fun can begin. Creativity can play a huge role in enhancing a Mummification Scene. We have an entire human body at our disposal and we can take it anywhere, relatively speaking. Why not play around and see what it can really do? Back to my friend that had so graciously volunteered as tribute for that bar scene I mentioned earlier. Once he was mummified, I let him sit there for a few minutes so the sensations could adjust -- his breathing could level out and he could shake off any nerves that might have surfaced during the process of wrapping his body.

After those five or so minutes had passed, I took to my newly-made mummy with a pair of safety-scissors and cut very specific holes in the plastic wrap that covered parts of his body. I knew from previous experiences with him that his nipples were hard-wired to his cock. I noticed that all three were currently at "full attention." Still blindfolded, I leaned in to his ear again. "Let's keep going. Are you up for it?" I whispered. "Please, Sir. Don't stop now." I smiled, but he couldn't see it...I liked that he couldn't see it. Here, the scene morphed from Mummification into Sensory Play. The scene wasn't over at all. In my opinion, it was just beginning.

Watching him squeal, laugh, plead and ultimately moan with pleasure made for a great time. If anyone watching the scene needed proof, they only had to look at the ropes of cum that he released across the floor towards the end. Like all kinky scenes, the aftercare for Mummification is something that should not be skipped over or rushed. The body has been wrapped for a considerable amount of time. The sub has been blindfolded and perhaps has been deprived of other senses as well. We must be present to them as they come out of headspace or 'back into their body.' This could mean removing the wrappings slowly or by piecemeal. It could mean returning their sight to them by taking off the blindfold. It could mean holding them in an embrace until they're ready to let go...or it could mean all of these at once. Be prepared. Be available. It's important.

Mummification can be an arresting kink. It's designed to be. You see, bondage has the ability to solicit intense reactions, no matter the methodology or technique. Mummification is just one way to get 'er done!