MEMBER: Advice for Slaves in Lockdown

MEMBER: Advice for Slaves in Lockdown

from Recon News

15 May 2020

By an anonymous Recon member

We're surrounded by talk right now about how to curate the perfect day whilst in social isolation. Everything from home workouts, to quizzes, to baking endless loaves of banana bread. For me (as an owned slave), the crucial question is, how do I use this time to demonstrate to my Master a focus and dedication, and ultimately evolve into a better slave than the one I was before lockdown?

Early on it became clear that physical service was not going to be possible for a while. There's no doubt this can be unnerving. Going from a period of intense physical contact, to isolation is not easy, but service doesn't need to cease entirely. My Master formulated a plan to ensure good contact was maintained, virtual service was delivered and that this precious time was maximised to the greatest advantage. There's no time to sit around and Master is expecting great things once the lockdown is lifted and service rebounds. I've received messages from other subs and slaves asking how connection and service to a Master or Dominant is maintained under such difficult circumstances. This is my approach.

Mental focus and physical agility are key to providing excellent service as a slave. Those extended periods of cock worship and boot licking on all fours requires the slave to clear the mind, sharply focus on the task and do it with gratitude. This might be in Master's private cigar lounge, or in public on the floor of a bar. So, days begin with yoga practice and meditation, and with time a slave can handle hours of uninterrupted worship with ease. It's that ability to relax and clear the mind of the outside world and focus fully on delivering pleasure. Master also likes to see a good arch in the lower back and a full ass display, so plenty of downward facing dog sorts that out.

We are fortunate to have the technology that allows Master to maintain regular contact with his slave through the day, checking that his orders are being carried out, and instructing his slave to prepare for the future piggery that will be required the moment physical service is permitted. The slave is expected to provide all manner of imaginative filth to keep Master amused, on the promise that whatever is described will be played out in reality. Throughout the day Master keeps me filled with a remote bluetooth plug, which he controls at will from his phone whenever he fancies. The controls send waves and pulses through my ass and up my body, and can come at any time, even when out for my daily exercise. This is a constant (and often unexpected) physical nudge, making it clear who's in charge.

While porn websites are booming right now, generic porn isn't enough for Master. He requires something unique and tailored. Instead, he has commissioned a series of private slave porn films to be made, created bespoke to his specifications. Master relays instructions to me of what he needs to see (type of gear worn, theme, toys used, positions) and I am expected to create, film, edit and deliver to him within a set time frame. Nothing less than platinum quality is allowed, and I'm very clear the standard of production must be impeccable. This isn't about just having a wank in front of a phone. The films must look professional and be imaginative. Master has his very own private porn production house.

It doesn't end there. Master is the owner of a pair of very large hands, so taking him fully requires work and skill - not something I can let slip away during lockdown. So, a deliberate routine of ass play and pounding has been ordered, using the range of plugs and dildos I already have in stock. This will confirm that I'm able to jump straight back into the saddle, and I've even gone as far as purchasing a plug that matches the exact dimensions of Master's paw, to really check that I'm achieving the correct stretch. Of course, much of this is captured on video for Master to approve.

Master enjoys seeing me in a variety of different gear looks. Everything from full rubber gimp, to Tom inspired leatherman, to sometimes a simple harness and boots. This all depends on his mood and what he has planned for a session in terms of the access he needs for whipping and paddling. However, Master also expects his slave to come to the table with ideas and imagination. So I've taken this time to add into my gear collection some additional looks that improve on what I have already presented and up the ante. It's a great time to scour the net and draw inspiration, putting together looks that are unique to you. I've found some real one-offs over the years, and I'm sometimes reluctant to share my sources with other subs knowing that what I have gives me an edge. Everything is carefully thought out to maximise my appeal and go beyond expectations. Presenting the latest version of the rubber gimp, or the slave slut, is one of the things I'm most looking forward to when we physically return.

Downtime allows for the improvement of the mind and knowledge building. Master expects his slave to provide thoughtful, intelligent service. There's so much out there to read and I've spent time pouring over the classic leatherman guides, BDSM tutorial advice, and the history of where Mastery, slave service and protocol originates. To me it's important to understand how my own slave journey fits into the bigger picture. It's also fascinating. Even if you don't feel that everything fits with your own approach, there's still much to learn and inspire. Urban Aboriginals is a personal favourite, but there is a rich library waiting for you to tap into.

The final task is the devising and learning of a set of hand signals that Master can use to direct me in public. This is much needed in a loud busy club and removes the need for Master to have to make verbal commands while he socialises with his leather men. The gestures are unique to this Master and I know that I must be response-perfect by the time I return to public display. A silent hand command is now all that is needed to tell me to get down into the ground and boot shine with a wet flat tongue, while Master gets on with enjoying a cigar and socialising with his mates.

Of course, these are difficult times. I miss the smell of Master's gar smoke, the sting of his whip and the adrenaline of crawling into his presence. But grabbing the opportunity now for improvement and planning will mean that when the time comes, and I'm on all fours at his front door, that platinum slave service will gleam.

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