MEMBER ARTICLE: A slave’s Public Service

MEMBER ARTICLE: A slave’s Public Service

from Recon News

11 January 2021

By an anonymous slave

A note to the reader. The capital letters when referring to Master, and the lower-case letter when referring to myself is protocol and indicates the status dynamic between Master and slave.

Like me, you're probably tired by now of screens. As an optimist, I believe that we will soon again be amongst friends at events, bars and clubs. Humans need to be with other humans, and I keep remembering that this is a temporary situation, and it won't be like this forever.

So, thinking ahead...there will come a special moment when Master announces that He will be taking His slave to a public event. This might be a fetish club night, or a private party. After weeks of training, this is a time for Master to show publicly to others what His slave is capable of. Master refers to this as public display, as opposed to private training. Private training does allow some room for exploration and teaching. Mistakes will happen. Public display allows no room for error. Any public display will be a full presentation of a slave's abilities. A reflection on the quality of the chosen slave and the training He has delivered. In short, it has to be perfect.

As a perfectionist with pretty high standards, I set out to deliver only top-quality public service. Go big or go home. Preparation begins in the hours leading up to the event. No detail is left unattended. Think of the day as punctuated with bursts of preparation throughout. Douching alone should be relaxed and thorough and try to eat several healthy light meals at intervals with lots of water. Think carefully about the gear to be worn; is it well put together and functional for the work ahead? Does it show off your sexual assets to the maximum. Your aim might be for everyone else to be jealous of your Master's possession, so this is an opportunity to push the look to the maximum. Meditate to focus the mind and physically warm up - you have an evening of work and service ahead and need the stamina to keep going.

A slave is on show from the moment it steps out of the cab, to the moment it is released to leave the venue. All eyes will be on Master and what He has chosen to present. Walk a few steps behind Him, but step ahead to open any doors for Him to pass through first. Walk with confidence paying careful attention to the initial entry into the space. Depending on what's been agreed, you may not be there to socialise. On the occasions this has happened to me, this slave has been there to work. The only liquid it will receive come directly from Master Himself. Golden, and either directly down the gullet, or from an empty glass.

If asked to meet Master at the venue, I plan to go early, prepare, and wait quietly to the side for his arrival. Others will note this. I will find a spot against a wall just inside the entrance, and stand to attention. When Master is ready to begin, I kneel, kiss each boot and await further instruction. Many eyes will be on this display. Walk behind Master on His chain and maintain a fixed focus of attention on Him. Try not to look around at others.

If Master is talking to another, get down and unobtrusively lick boots or suck cock. If that's on the floor, buried in a crowd of boots, under a cloud of smoke, even better. If ever there was a moment to utilise those hours of meditation and truly focus on the task in front of you, then it's the moment you settle in and lick boots. Cleaning boots with your tongue is one of the great honours of a slave and should be done with quiet relish and contained gusto. This is not a cursory tickle of the boots before the session moves on to the "good stuff." This is the good stuff. Every lick is the slave's way of showing how much it needs to work to earn a fucking. Is there a greater moment for any slave than being presented with a solid Wesco and being told to make it gleam? An excellent boot cleaning will relax Master, keep Him hard and make him leak; perhaps while He enjoys a fat cigar. The slave gets down low into the floor with its upper body, keeping the ass high and open. The head moves in long, steady controlled movements. If the slave has a clear mind and is only focused on licking with deep gratitude, then this will be evident without the need for words. Make this your craft and become an expert at it. With no fear, drop to your knees and lick at any opportunity. And do it proudly and unobtrusively, longing for it not to end. On the floor of a bar, you are exposed physically and emotionally. But Master will not permit others to touch His slave while it's at work. Use a full wet tongue, do not miss an inch, and shine the entire boot working slowly up the leg. Use the whole body to show how devoted and passionate you are to Master. Don't wait for Him to give you every minor instruction. He needs to relax too, so cautiously take the initiative and show Him what you're made of. What helps me to deliver this is to lock in a mental state that runs through this act of worship; I am at the foot of my ultimate Dominant. The boots anchor his power into the ground. He has honoured his slave with the task of cleaning them. This includes the soles and every groove of the tread. A Master should wear a boot that gleams. It's now down to His slave to make that happen. Boot licking is a whole-body movement. Be unrushed and considered. Be smooth and graceful. Above all, do everything boldly and confidentially.

Master should want for nothing. If He needs a drink, fetch one. An ashtray, then, moisten the tongue, open very wide and swallow. He certainly has no use for a public facility when He has his own personal urinal at the end of His chain. And the chain could be attached to the collar, cockcage, nipples or steel butt plug. Or maybe all four. It's Master's choice and will depend on His mood. This slave provides each option on demand. If Master needs to breed, bend over in one smooth motion without hesitation, fully open and take it hard. Be mentally in the moment here. This is where meditation kicks in. Indulge in every second of being there, focusing only on what is right in front of you. As a crowd gathers around to watch, go for it even more. Breathe in the heady air. Nobody is there to see someone do a reserved, half arsed job. They want to see a platinum show.

Master will set the tone of what debasement He wants to display, so trust him and do whatever He needs to the absolute best. Everything discussed, everything done with mutual trust and consent. There's a fantastic burst of adrenaline when a slave finds itself doing something publicly that it's always been told to keep hidden away from view. Fall deeply into that. You may leave the venue unaware of who else was there or what happened to others. That's a good thing. It means you were sharply focused in on your own service. We'll be back there soon, I know it.

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