MEMBER ARTICLE: boi becomes Sir’s rubber gimpboi.

MEMBER ARTICLE: boi becomes Sir’s rubber gimpboi.

from Recon News

21 February 2022

By Sirscollaredboi

The four collared bois stood, hands restrained above their heads, waiting for their Masters. They had been ordered to take turns scrubbing each other clean, check for and shave any stray body hairs, then instructed to butt plug each other.

Four eager naked bois. Cocks locked into chastity cages. Heads harnessed, gagged. Wrists and ankles cuffed. Each boi's bare, shaved skin touching the next boi's. Four sexually excited, nervous bois, kept, hanging up like shirts on a rail.

Objects. Nothing without their Masters.

Four bois with aching balls, thwarted erections, their boi hard-ons pressing painfully against the bars of their locked chastity cages. Desperately horny and lustful. Each boi locked in chastity, without being allowed to cum for two weeks beforehand. Gagged. Unable to speak to each other. Wanting to rub and thrust their boi cocks against the next boi yet knowing the futility of such action. Warmed by the comradeship, and the neighbouring boi's smooth bare skin. Knowing how the other bois felt at this moment. A boi brotherhood. A shared humiliation.

Each boi trained to high standards by their own Master. Devoted, loyal, sworn to serve and obey their Master. Owned, collared, controlled bois. Looking like pieces of meat in a butcher's cool room. Firm, ripe pieces of boi meat. Waiting. Not knowing what their Masters have planned for them that evening.

One of those bois is me.

As this boi is not permitted to use personal pronouns, boi will now switch to referring to self as 'boi', as Master Mark's rules must be obeyed at all times.

Four Masters are now preparing Themselves and gearing up for an evening at a fetish club. Their bois had each spent hours polishing their Master's boots, and ensuring their Sir's gear was clean, shined and in perfect order. As their Masters dressed and geared up, the bois would wait. Patiently.
The bois could hear their Masters talking and laughing in the adjoining room, each boi highly attuned to his own Master's voice, laugh, and the sound of His booted footfall. At last, this boi's Sir came to claim His boi, and release boi from the rack.

"Stretch boi and follow Me. Time to get My boi geared up. Sir will be taking His rubber gimpboi out this evening" Sir informed.

Sir looked handsome in His own rubber gear. Shining, from His Muir cap to His rubber boots. boi quivered, at the end of the chain leash, as boi was led to the dressing room. Sir's dominance and authority often had that effect on boi. boi had little resistance to Master Marks power. It had always been that way. boi knew the effect that wearing rubber gear had on boi's Master, and boi anticipated a tough evening of hard use ahead.

Master Mark supervised His boi into rubber gear, adjusting boi's full body suit, hood, gloves and boots. boi was locked into a thick rubber collar and lockable wrist and ankle restraints. Now boi became gimpboi, which was one of boi's persona's and uses for Master Mark.

With wrists restrained behind gimpboi's back, gimpboi was ordered to kneel in the corner, while gimpboi's gag was inserted tightly. Sir and gimpboi both know gimpboi would be drooling in no time.

"Leaking gimpboi? ", Sir asks, laughing. "Well, I am gimpboi. We/we will look hot this evening. Stay there gimpboi. We/we are waiting for the Uber driver to arrive"

gimpboi gasped through the gag. Uber driver? Master Mark was going to take his gimpboi out like this in an Uber? Master Mark must have heard gimpboi's gasp or seen gimpboi's body tense.

"What's up gimpboi? Did gimpboi think we were walking?" Sir laughed out loud. Relax gimpboi, remember to breathe. Sir will be with gimpboi. My gimpboi will be looked after." Sir said reassuringly.

There was nothing gimpboi could do, but wait and obey, as nervous as gimpboi was. gimpboi trusted Master Mark and would face this challenge. gimpboi was determined to be strong in submission, and unquestioningly obedient. Hearing the sound of the car horn outside, Sir told gimpboi that the Uber had arrived.

"Just one more piece of gear to finish off my rubber gimpboi's uniform", Sir announced, removing the gag and fitting gimpboi with a rubber gas mask and breathing tube. As the gag was removed, Sir instructed gimpboi to be silent, "No free speech gimpboi, understand?', to which gimpboi nodded.
gimpboi was led out, by leash, hands still restrained behind the back, to the waiting Uber. gimpboi's heart was racing and sweat trickling under the rubber. Sir assisted gimpboi into the back seat, buckling gimpboi in, checking the wrist restraints and seating Himself besides gimpboi.

"We/we are off gimpboi. Relax, We/we have a 20-minute ride to enjoy together" Sir said mischievously.

gimpboi felt the rubber suit's chest zippers being opened, and Sir's fingers on gimpboi's large, perky nipples. gimpboi moaned through the gasmask, as Sir rolled and tweaked His gimpboi's nipples, building the pressure, finally applying a pair of nipple clamps adjoined by chains. Sir pulled on the chains, amusing Himself with gimpboi's pain and discomfort.

"This gas mask has a breathing tube. Did gimpboi notice?" Sir asked.

gimpboi nodded, to indicate a yes answer.

"All the better for some breath control", Sir announced. "gimpboi knows what to do. Relax gimpboi, breathe out and follow Me"

gimpboi had been trained in Master Mark's breath control technique but was taken by surprise at the fact it was happening in an Uber, with a driver present. gimpboi hoped it was a very kinky driver, who would be enjoying his passengers' antics this evening. Several minutes of breath control followed, and once gimpboi got over gimpboi's initial resistance, gimpboi relaxed and found it re-assuring, and a deep connectivity and intimacy with Master Mark, sharing each other's breath, and placing total trust in Master Mark.

The car stopped and gimpboi was led by the leash along the brightly lit city sidewalk, though a dark laneway, and up two flights of metal stairs. Sir talked to the doorman, before leading gimpboi into a dimly lit hallway, through to a plush loungeroom bar. There were several Leather and Rubber clad Masters gathered, and gimpboi recognised the bois from the rack room, now in leather or rubber, at their own Masters' sides.

gimpboi was kept leashed, at Master Mark's side, while He chatted and socialised, and gimpboi was occasionally released to purchase drinks for Sir. Since gimpboi was now gagged again, this had to be done by pointing and gesticulating. Sir was controlling His gimpboi very firmly this evening. gimpboi was occasionally given beer, which was transferred from Master Mark's mouth directly in gimpboi's mouth. An intimate sharing. Beer tasted better that way and re-enforced boi's dependence on Master Mark.

"It's time for My cigar gimpboi. Sir is going relax in that leather armchair chair, and My gimpboi will be My footstool. Understood gimpboi?"

gimpboi nodded, understanding, and took up the indicated position in front of the armchair. Feeling the weight of Sir's boots on gimpboi's back, gimpboi settled in the role of footstool - the gathered crowd viewing gimpboi's submission, and Master Mark's power and domination. gimpboi imagined Sir's enhanced enjoyment of His cigar, Sir's satisfaction, and Sir's pleasure foremost in gimpboi's mind. Despite gimpboi's own discomfort and humiliation, Sir's comfort was of greatest importance. gimpboi's own needs secondary to Sir's pleasure.

"I wonder if the other bois off the rack are having as much fun gimpboi? My gimpboi will be sleeping in the cage tonight. That rubber is not coming off for some time gimpboi", Sir informed. "Feels right doesn't it boi? We/we are living the dream My gimpboi"

Nodding in agreement, gimpboi felt proud to be serving Master Mark, knowing that the many months of hard, often painful training and trials gimpboi had endured, were paying off. Master and boi a team, working together in unison.

"Good gimpboi". gimpboi felt Master Mark stroking gimpboi's rubber encased head.

gimpboi could only nod in agreement, a deep wave of submission and devotion for Sir welling inside gimpboi's body. Living the dream. There was nowhere gimpboi would rather be.

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