Member Article: Clowning Around - My Fetish

Member Article: Clowning Around - My Fetish

from Recon News

18 April 2022

By DumBumTheClown

What is it about clowns? The bulbous shoes, the big red noses, the knowledge there's a man somewhere behind that painted-on grin? Hard-pressed to find something as polarising, the effect of a clown is undeniable.

So, what IS a clown fetish?

Let me explain my perspective. I have the seemingly rather distinct experience of having been attracted to clowns before anything else. Before knowing what sex was, I knew that clowns did it for me. But it is so much more.

It's the energy, the freedom, the reckless abandon. There's no "wrong" way to clown around, there's no limit to the creative fun you can have! Something about someone willing to dress completely ridiculous and silly excites me to no end. It's by far the sexiest and most attractive quality a guy can have.

It's hard to describe exactly how I got into clowning, because it happened for me so young. Many people I know, got into kinky clowning later in life through other kink avenues. But for me, the experience was so formative it's a little hazy. I think I was just curious about clowns; I didn't understand them, and I wanted to know more. Aversion quickly became secret fascination, and the internet held a library of pictures that allowed me to start exploring the many kinds of clowns there are.

Though precocious, I was a self-conscious child. Seeing the class clown dare to goof around and be silly and make people laugh was something I was envious of. It was like a secret desire that coupled with my nervous fascination with clowns. Seeing men dress up in goofy costumes with bulbous shoes and big red noses brought endless intrigue - as did my desire to do the same myself. This was all so formative and so normal to me. I would go so far as to call myself clownsexual!

I have since done what all good kink sponges do, and gained kink after kink, snowballing into many new areas of kinks. I did a complete 180° on ABDL, from something that repulsed me as an active turn-off to the only thing that can now rival my other favourite fetish for clowns. Finally becoming and understanding what it is to be a pup, after years of enviously believing them to be the 'cool kids' of kink; accepted, visible and understood - whereas I felt like a freak - has been hugely eye-opening. Discovering the requisite headspaces for my desired roles (especially pup's similarity to clownspace), as well as wam, hypno, inflation, farts, bellies, watersports, transformation, spanking, rubber, suspension, furries, and other niches like orc-boys, donkey boys and cum cows. There's no end to what the right person or situation can awaken within us. Fetish is such a wide umbrella beneath which we can make anything desirable and pleasurable.

As such, I see a lot of gear as handy tools to facilitate some fun, but they don't tell me what fun you actually like having. I've found bondage can be incredibly stimulating, but only when applied to a scenario - enhancing the main experience. The thrill is in the roles we take, the storylines we act out. It's all play at the end of the day, so why limit it to ropes and cuffs? How about squeaky balloons, silly string, pies, whoopee cushions, honking horns, a string of colourful handkerchiefs? I've used all of these items in ways that were intensely hot, and not always for humiliation purposes.

Humiliation can definitely be a huge element of clown play, but it doesn't have to be (nor be the only one). Clowning naturally lends itself to power play, for example, as in traditional circus there is always a high and a low status clown. It easily lends itself to wet and messy play with the introduction of pies and slop, and to ABDL with infantilization. Hell, I've found pup play to be one of the most closely associated kinks to clowning!

The performative element of tricks and doggy training to the dumb, silly, goofy, playful energy that both pups and clowns have, as well the endless variations within both are so alike. Both are often associated with the kind of bouncy, energetic fun we tend to leave behind in our childhood. Even the natural pup/handler dynamic is similar to that of ringleader/clown, and pups playing together are highly reminiscent of unsupervised clowns getting up to no good! Clowns to me are basically human pups - a revelation that finally helped me understand and enjoy pup play myself and stop viewing them as this strange, uniform clique.

Clown kinks really are the fetish world's best-kept secret. It is amazing to me how many guys are into this and yet no one talks about it or displays it publicly! Even long-time clowns with an online presence have only found popularity either through their pup or rubber accounts, or by otherwise sanitising away the goofier parts of themselves - some have even resorted to making their content SFW for fear of backlash. Even more common is the dreaded purge, which has come for so many a bozo, even ones who were once so prolific and proud.

But this doesn't mean we don't exist. In fact, we are a hell of a lot more common than you think. More than even I knew, until joining Recon! The number of faceless scally bois, pups, rubber drones or diaperboys who come out of the woodwork to admit their secret fantasy to me is still surprising. I get asked about it a lot. In fact, when first joining, I averaged near-daily messages from guys whose profiles would suggest otherwise, confessing the same attraction or expressing interest in learning about it, trying it, understanding it… Since being a member here, the frequency has started to slow down, but I still get them. It amazes me every time. It really isn't that weird or abnormal - feelings I'm sure most of us can relate to.

There is nothing so fun, freeing and liberating as clown sex. Let go of any notion that you aren't "sexy" enough and just be a silly goon! Still, the road to self-acceptance has been long and arduous.

Never before had I felt so accepted anywhere than when I first joined Recon - now well over a year ago. Still, it took a long time for me to feel ready to write this. Receiving the message in those first few days about writing a piece was surreal. Someone was actually interested? He didn't just think it was strange? Others' interest in my kinks really opened my eyes to the chance I might not be as much of an outsider in the kink community as I thought. Much time has passed, and a lot has changed. It makes me sigh with relief to finally feel like I have found my place.

I've come to realise that my kink is not nearly as big a deal as my anxiety would have me believe, that no one fucking cares nearly as much as I like to think and that anyone who does is not worth my time. If the worst thing that I can imagine happening is being humiliated by someone telling my family about my personal kinks, then I really am doing just fine.

This applies to all kinksters; our personal lives are not hurting anyone. For the most part, mine is silly and fun and at most a bit embarrassing! No one's perception of our 'strangeness' should matter in any capacity, because ultimately their prejudice will reflect far worse on them.

It's important to remember that you are not alone. Not in the world, more than likely not even in your town! It's a mindset I think most of us locked ourselves into early on because we all figured we must be the "only one". Silly as that may seem, it makes sense to feel that way and to keep feeling that way when you have a niche paraphilia; the porn industry's disinterest, the flakiness of others, the profiles that keep getting remade and deleted, society's general distaste for any remotely kinky fun involving men… It's hard to feel seen and empowered, because not enough of us are being visible and leading the way forward.

These are not just parts of ourselves not to be ashamed of or feel guilty about - our kinks are actually really cool, fun, interesting and unique parts of us. We should honour them, be proud of them, and be curious about them. Yeah, I have a clown fetish. I'm a clown kinkster, what about you?

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