MEMBER ARTICLE: Fetish in São Paulo, Brazil

MEMBER ARTICLE: Fetish in São Paulo, Brazil

from Recon News

02 March 2017

By Recon member riconfire

Hi guys, my name is Ricardo, and in this article I'm going to talk about fetish in my hometown São Paulo, Brazil, the most populous city in South America.

Not long ago, fetish seemed to be a distant dream in this region. It seemed to be very difficult to live a fetish life outside the online world, since there were few fetish men online and fewer options for fetish parties.

Things have started to change here over the last few years, though. Recon launched its Brazilian-Portuguese translations in early 2014 and, since then, the number of online Brazilian Reconians have more than doubled. There are many new Brazilian users joining every month.

Besides this, some of the fetish parties are growing stronger, including Projeto Luxúria and Leather Men Night. Luxúria is a party for gay and straight people, but it has a great atmosphere and everyone feels very welcome. Leather Men Night is a men only party and its getting bigger and bigger, now happening every two weeks. In both parties, we can wear our best gear and meet other likeminded men.

In this month of March, we're celebrating a big milestone in our community. The very first Mr. Leather Brazil contest will be held. One of the first contests of its kind in this part of the globe. It's going to be a great party and everyone is invited.

We still have long way to go before our community grows and becomes as incredible as the American and European scenes, but keep an eye on us. If you have plans to visit São Paulo, whether for leisure or work, I'm sure that there will be some horny Brazilian guys who will love to show you around. Don´t forget to put your gear in the luggage ;)

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