MEMBER ARTICLE: Forming a Fetish Family

MEMBER ARTICLE: Forming a Fetish Family

from Recon News

09 January 2020

By DoggoOso

Recon helped me find my community and my family.

When I was introduced to Recon, I was looking for a submissive guy that I could play with from time to time. I was never a big user of these kinds of apps but was turned onto it by a friend. My husband and I had long enjoyed playing with other people, but I have a very strong dominant and kinky nature that needed release. He can go along with just about anything but is perfectly content with a simple and vanilla sex life. I did a little bit of looking around, found a guy that seemed like we could have fun, and we really hit it off. We talked more, and he mentioned puppy play.

At that time, I had zero experience with pup play, and had a lot of the same misconceptions and ignorance around it that many people do. My husband and I shared a bit of scepticism, but decided we'd give it a shot with this guy. The more the pup and I talked, the more interested I became. When we finally met, I was hooked. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Pup play allowed me to be dominant in a way that I had not experienced before. It taught me to be more than just an arm swinging a flogger, and to really be in tune with the person I was playing with. That was about 4 years ago.

A couple of years into our relationship, I put on my pup's hood as a joke. I knew it would drive him crazy, but that's the kind of relationship we have. The three of us are constantly doing little things to drive each other nuts, so this was just one more way to get a reaction. Little did I know, it would change my life. It felt amazing, and I realized how much I really needed that feeling for myself. Soon after, I bought my own pup hood, and found a headspace that I never knew was something missing in my life.

For me, putting on a pup hood not only helps me to find a submissive space, it shuts out a lot of extraneous noise that makes it hard for me to focus. Being able to escape from the world and just be a pup has been an amazing adventure for me, and I still find something new in it every day. One of the things I found was my Meister.

We met through an ex-boyfriend of mine and hit it off immediately. We have a lot in common besides our kinks, and the closer we got, the more I wanted him to be my handler. He's several years younger than me, and physically smaller. On top of that, I've never felt submissive to anyone in my life. I generally have a strong "fuck you" reaction to anyone telling me what to do. For some reason, he makes me want to submit to him just by his nature. Beyond the contentment I feel when I am in my pup headspace with him, in the time we've been together, he's also helped me evolve into the most honest version of me that I can be. Not only has my kinky side expanded, but I've come a long way in the last couple of years and am more comfortable being myself than I've ever been.

Since we met, my pup, my Meister, and I have used Recon to meet other pups and handlers and make new friends. My Meister has a boy/friend that is also a handler, and my husband has his own boy. I know if sounds complicated, but we have flowcharts for anyone that's interested.

In Texas where we live, we found out about a pup campout called Woofstock. After that first event was over, I met with the organizers, and started using Recon as a way to meet even more pups and bring them together. That spawned the creation of Texas Puppy Club - a social group welcoming all pet players. From just a few early members, I was able to network with even more pups and handlers through Recon to build the thriving club that we have today. Unlike a lot of the other apps, Recon lets each person truly be themselves. While so many of the other apps are banning pictures of pups and slaves in hoods, Recon has always been welcoming and celebratory of what makes each of us who we are.

Without Recon, I have to believe it would have taken me longer to find this community that has made me feel so incredibly welcome. I also have to wonder what kind of family I would have today. I probably would not have met my pup, who has helped me and my husband over the last 4 years to build our family to what it is today. I would likely have never met my Meister, whom I love dearly and depend on as a stable force in my life. My husband would likely not have met his boy, and we would probably be in a very different place than we are today. I can personally say that I am the happiest I've ever been in my life and would not trade these guys for anything in the world.

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