MEMBER ARTICLE: Getting my boots licked

MEMBER ARTICLE: Getting my boots licked

from Recon News

17 December 2019

By TankTop

Decades ago, when I was around 21, I was in a computer lab at Uni, surrounded by students who were doing their assignments while I was on some chat system talking to a guy about intense sex. For the first time in my life someone told me how he wanted to get down on all fours and lick my boots. Just put his tongue on the leather and lick long strokes, to show me just how much he wanted to please me before we got to the actual pleasing me. I stood up from that session and noticed with alarm and confusion that my leg was wet under my jeans. This was literally the first time in my life I had precum--and that was just from talking about it. Getting my boots licked is still the only thing that makes me leak, fuck knows why.

Bootlicking is globally understood as a gesture of deep submission; you can't make the power-differential any clearer. As with any kink, some people totally go for it, some are indifferent, and most are repulsed by it. I have lost out on some really hot men because I insist that it be part of any private scene, and no, my feet won't do. So why demand it--besides that it turns me the fuck on?

It's a filter. Everyone can talk the talk about D/s, but you want to know quickly if it's a good fit. Bootlicking is that test for me as a Dom looking for power exchange: it's real, it's deep, yet nobody needs to get undressed, no props required. I used to have boys lick my boots on the stairs to my flat before I let them come in further. You can do it in the front part of the leather bar to see if the boy is worth dragging to the back. I tell guys who hound me online for a meet at an event to just drop and lick when they see me there. Only very few do, and those are the ones for me.

Few subs understand what a showcase it is for their skills: do they lick with a full flat wet tongue? Are they thorough? Are they trying to horn the Dom up? What initiative do they take? Are they asking for permission to touch the boot, caress it, hold it with both hands while they work, showing devotion to the act? Do they stick to the safe uppers or do they get close to or even on the treads? This is the time to impress by showing off how you devoted you will be to the Dom's body and cock--a good bootlicking should leave the Dom raging to shove more into that mouth.

Or do they, like most, try to get it over with as quickly as possible, trying to move off the leather to the skin on my leg and higher? Is there some actual spit there or am I making them dry-mouth nervous? Are they trying to pass off brushing their lips on the leather as licking? Is this a road-bump on their way to satisfy their actual urge--getting dick, paddling, nipple action, whatever--or is their fetish to satisfy their Dom? That last part is the key.

I work in these boots. I cruise in these boots. And I fuck hard in these boots--I keep them on. Worshipping my boots is worshipping where my sex and power comes from. When a sub goes on all fours to lick them, I know he accepts that. He lets me know he's there for me, to get me off my way.

Consent is everything. I make very clear this is expected for a private meet with me, and listen to what the limits there are--and I will cop here to wiping my boots down with water, or buffing most polish off before meets (but don't tell anyone, people might think I am getting soft).

I also don't let it happen in public unless it is in a location where kink is appropriate: leather bars, events like MAL, street events like Folsom. If can be shocking to come across if you're not into kink, and we have to be sensitive to that. What is odd is that even though bootlicking is often shown on the videos and written about, even in kink spaces there's mixed reactions. Get my dick sucked in a bar in Berlin, whatever, but get my boots licked and I get all kinds of stares. But it's the best advertising a sub can do for you both: everyone can see you're serious.

Whenever I am with my closest and most favoured sub at events, we do this experiment where he, fully clothed, drops and licks. The result is always the same: we get photographed like crazy and, no matter how busy it is, people clear at least two meters around us--including during the busiest time on the busiest intersection of the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco where people were packed shoulder to shoulder. It was like the parting of the sea, with some looking perturbed at what I consider the most benign S&M foreplay.

By the way, don't fucking touch the sub while he's at it. He is exposed enough as it is, physically and emotionally, licking boot in public, lost in service and with his head down unable to see what is coming. He doesn't need you to slap his ass in appreciation--I'll take care of that myself. Fortunately, my friends are so used to this happening that they just position themselves around the boy to protect him while we keep talking.

The only problem with this all is the lack of direct eye-contact, since he's looking down. You don't get to share that moment with intense mutual stares. Unless, of course, he asks SIR to sit down so he can really show off what an experienced total pig he is, and how much he worships SIR, by starting at the soles...

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