MEMBER ARTICLE: Hypno fetish by spitmcr

MEMBER ARTICLE:  Hypno fetish by spitmcr

from Recon News

06 April 2018

By Recon member spitmcr

What is hypno?

In short, hypno obviously stands for hypnosis, but as a fetish it is strongly linked to power play. There are very stark roles of a hypnotist (tist) and a subject (sub) in a dom/sub relationship, so it is clear who is who. As a fetish, hypno is not generally related to hypnotherapy, and is about a power dynamic rather than the counselling sofa.

Hypno means different things to different guys. A few consider it in a more mainstream sense as being a route to personal improvement, especially to help with working out at the gym. But even here, there is generally an overtone of forced physical exercise. Often there is a sense of inescapable loss of control, similar to bondage, and this can have a very arousing non-consensual feel to it. Combine this with the potential to explore your own fetishes and fantasies in a very intense way, and for most guys it's a recipe for a horny session.

What's the appeal of hypno?

Some guys find their interest in hypno stems from watching films and cartoons when they were kids. The Jungle Book is often cited, where Kaa sings his "Trust in me" song. Scoobie Doo and other cartoons often had stereotypical scenes where a powerful hypnotist (usually the baddie) was able to control people, and make the goodies convert to their wicked ways. So, for these guys, hypno is about exploring a sense of excitement and taboo.

For others, hypno represents an extreme form of escapism. There are overlaps with other fetishes like adult baby and pup play, and these can be combined to heighten the fetish. This can be profound age regression, or just the slapstick chicken impressions. Some people say that hypno fetishes are about a sense of permission: it's about getting the sub into a headspace where they feel comfortable to explore their fantasies.

For many, though, just the simple act of transferring control to another guy (or guys!) is very intense in its own right. Whether it be for blind obedience or for shared exploration, the experience of letting someone else take the reins for a while can be very pleasurable.

How does it work?

Hypnosis is a way of getting a person to move into a way of thinking called trance. This is similar to daydreaming, and for most is a disinhibited state where ideas and emotions can be explored easily. There are many ways to "get put under", and different techniques work for different guys, but most involve relaxation and a lot of trust.

Hypno is sometimes as much about expectation as it is about skills. Some tists have many years of psychology courses and studying under their belt. But most have nothing at all, and just get off on playing the part. As a general rule of thumb, it's commonly accepted that it's impossible to hypnotise someone against their will. This is often incredibly disappointing to guys who have fantasised for years about having their mind and willpower shredded away by a powerful tist forcing them to do his bidding!

However, a skilled tist will use related techniques such as authority and obedience to get the sub into the right headspace. Many subs who have used hypno for years talk of intense feelings of obligation to do what their tist tells them. Of course, the irony is the sub usually wants what they are being 'forced' to do anyway, so doesn't need a lot of persuading! As with any dom/sub relationship, honesty and trust are essential, and it's generally the sub who actually dictates what is going to happen. Simply swinging a watch is not going to get a sub to do something that doesn't turn them on.

How can I start exploring it?

Finding a good tist can be hard. The vast majority of guys into hypno are subs, and so tists are in hot demand! Being a tist takes a lot of work, and subs sometimes fail to appreciate how much time and effort their tist is dedicating to them. Despite the stereotype of brainwashing masterminds, most tists are actually incredibly caring and relish seeing a sub blossom and enjoy their fetishes. It can be very demoralising for a tist in an online chat room to have a sub beg to be put under simply to wank off and disconnect.

If you want to get into hypno, first decide what you are wanting from it, and then approach a guy who says they are a tist. Rather than just saying that you want to be hypnotised, be clear about what you want to experience and what your interests are. If you are lucky enough to get put into a trance, you may find it hard at that point to explain in detail what you are wanting, so do the discussion beforehand. Some guys also like to have safe words or signals.

As with any emotional fetish contact, be safe and sensible. Realistically, you're very unlikely to have a tist take away your mind and make you do horrific things. But you could end up having a disappointing waste of both of your time. So, get to know each other first and see if your interests gel. And then get ready to explore the dark depths of your mind... mwohaaa haa haa!

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