MEMBER ARTICLE: “Looning” - My Fetish

MEMBER ARTICLE: “Looning” - My Fetish

from Recon News

14 February 2024

By MakeBalloonPop

You date a cute boy, have a drink and talk. At some point, you ask each other about your kinky side, and try to guess each other's fetishes. Does that sound familiar to you?

Well, in my case they always have a hard time guessing. It's an everyday object that you encounter at every birthday party, it's colourful and can sometimes closely resemble latex. Did you guess it yet? Yup, it's balloons and inflatables. People usually stare at me in disbelief, while asking "how the heck do you use a balloon in sex?". Well, let's try to answer this question here.

I'm makeballoonpop at Recon, and today I'd like to introduce you to a fetish which is, for most of you, completely unknown within the fetish community: "Looners".


In the simplest definition: I'd define a looner as "a person aroused by balloons or inflatables". Or just "someone into the balloon or inflatable fetish". The term comes from "(ba)loon".Looning would be "to play with balloons or inflatables in a sexual way".

I've always loved balloons and inflatables. When I was a child, I used to play with them as any other kid would. Although I liked balloons, I was pretty scared about popping them. When I became a teen, I started becoming aroused by my toys. When I was 14, I started blowing a balloon in my undies. Pressure felt great so I continued blowing it until I'd finally cum. This was actually my first sexual experience ever.

My fear of balloon popping finally turned into sexual arousal, too. Blowing a balloon or inflatable to the maximum, taking it to the limit, and not knowing when it's going to pop turns me on a lot. I love the feel of the toy becoming bigger and harder while you force more and more air inside of it, growing beyond its limits, helpless and ready to burst. I identify as a popper, a person that likes finishing the action by popping his toys. On the other hand, non-poppers prefer to blow their toys and play with them without bursting them. They are aroused by their toys' shape, feel and smell. There are also semi-poppers, who blend both worlds together.

As I experimented, I discovered a lot of ways to play as a looner. For instance, as you may have guessed, I love blow-to-pops because balloons get really hard (so do I) before popping. Ride-to-pops, where you ride a balloon like a cowboy until it bursts, are also great. I like thinking of the balloon as my cute bottom boi - who is just desperate to be busted! You may also like stomp-popping or cig-popping, if you're into feet or smoking. But my favourite way to play is probably blowing toys in my undies, since that's how this whole journey started.

For some time, I was pretty reserved about my fetish. I spoke to people on social media, but I wouldn't show my face or meet up. Some years later, I met a looner guy who was pretty open about his fetish, and I became friends with him (if you're reading this, thank you). I ended up going on a trip with him and filming a hot looner video showing my face (and body). This is how I learnt so say "yes, I'm a looner" and be proud of i, just like people in the pup or rubber community do. I'm currently pretty open about my fetish, with both my friends and dates.

You can find balloons and inflatables of any size and shape. When I started, I used to blow regular party balloons: the ones you may find at any birthday party. With time, I've discovered bigger and more resistant balloons. For instance, 24-inch balloons are my favourite toy to use with other looners. I love to blow them while lying on a bed, with the other person on top of me, and the balloon growing bigger and bigger between us. I also love GLs, thick zeppelin-shaped balloons, because you can have hot action on top of them.

Some of these balloons are hard to find at regular stores. I soon found there are specialised looner stores that distribute the post popular balloon types. There are many great stores, like Balloons United and Ultralooners, although my favourite one is probably Loonerzone.

I've also played with non-looner people who were curious about the fetish. I love using donut-shaped balloons on them, since they have the perfect build to give some pleasure to your date while you blow them. There are also giant balloons, so big you can climb inside of them. These are great for breath-control play. Although my greatest fantasy is using balloons in dom/sub play. I remember a boy who would blow my balloon as a prize when I did what he wanted. So, pleasing my master would make the balloon bigger and bigger until it popped. Best thing I've tried.

During these years I've met a lot of looners. And it's not all about sex, I'm also quite friends with some of them. I've asked one of them, co-organizer at Looner Weekend, to share his experiences with you. Let me share his words:

"Hi, I'm Apofis80 at Recon. Over the years I've tried different things that aroused me, and I've been getting more and more involved in the fetish world. My fetishes are related to the smell and feel of some materials, like leather, latex and lycra. But today I'd like to talk about one of my first fetishes: latex balloons and inflatables.

When I was a child, I'd innocently play with my balloons and pool toys. When I hit puberty, I began to enjoy playing with them in a more sexual way. I liked their small and feel, blowing them and riding them. I had a somewhat similar experience with leather.

At first, I thought I was the only weirdo that liked this. I then started researching online and found out I was not the only one. The Internet helped me understand that having fetishes is something natural and that I was no freak. It also helped me get in touch with people like me and talk about it. This is how I discovered the word "looner". I identify as a semi-popper: I sometimes like to pop my toys, and sometimes don't.

Over the years I've met a lot of looners. I love interacting with them, but not necessarily in a sexual way. I enjoy playing with other looners, but I also like making new friends and sharing our experiences. It would be great to have a space to meet other looners and socialise, like other fetish communities do. This is how the idea of Looker Weekend came to place. Other communities hold conventions to make their fetish visible, meet up and create community."

The international community of looners is growing. We don't have well-established events, like pups or rubberheads do, but we are becoming more visible, and that's why heh80, I and a few other looner friends have created a new event called Looner Weekend. The first edition will take place in our home city, Madrid (Spain), the 23rd to 25th of February 2024. We're creating spaces where you can socialise or play (there'll be lots of toys for you to explore and experiment with) and there'll be a contest, entertainment and more.

If you're a looner, or you're curious about it, you're more than welcome to our event.

If you're a looner and reading this, you might even consider starting a looner event or meet-up where you live.

Looners, the time to blow has come!

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