MEMBER ARTICLE: Managing The Beast Within

MEMBER ARTICLE: Managing The Beast Within

from Recon News

16 August 2021

"Okay, boy. Here we go."




The scene unfolds. Two people are physically there but hovering in the air is a third presence. As the screams echo out and the energy permeates between Sadist and masochist, the dance between Dom and sub is joined by a third… the Beast. And He's come to feed on the pain and suffering being produced.

The Monster… the Demon… an Inner Devil… The Beast. He has many names, but this part of a sadist's psyche is what makes them able to – willing – eager even – to inflict pain on others. The S/m exchange of energy feeds this Beast – and adds to the intensity and animalistic nature of any pain/torture scene.

Now in our modern-day civilized society, this base nature of people is not acknowledged and is often ignored. We don't let this Beast out in polite company since he is ultimately a force of chaos. In no way is this presence a productive addition to any day-to-day setting. He is destruction – He thrives on pain – and this is not how we, as a society, can move forward. But, with a true sadist, he's there right below the surface. And with the right sadist, not only is he present, but his energy is managed, contained, and harnessed.

Understanding this force within me has helped drive my understanding of pain scenes. Why would someone choose to hurt another person? Why would people consciously choose to engage in something that we are conditioned to avoid? Without the ability to tap into something more than My regular gentle nature, any sort of pain scene would be lacking force and realness. And that's just disappointing for everyone. I like to think that, inherently, I'm a fairly nice guy. I pride Myself on My empathy and My ability to be attuned to what others are experiencing. But there is also this side to Me that needs to see the pain – needs to feed the monster. Not everyone has this aspect as part of their personality – but for those who do, this is a driving force.

Aggression without empathy is abuse. Pain without comfort is neglect. And opening someone up physically and emotionally to the intensity of an S/m scene without the guardrails on, leads to major psychological damage. Let the Beast out – let him ravage and feed – but keep the chain on him and rein him in when all is done.

This means that you need to have your safety plans in place when you play with pain. This is a situation where Risk-Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) is paramount. Intense S/m scenes bring with them the possibility of real hurt. Safe words or gestures – mutual understandings – and advance negotiation are key. One should not walk into a scene where pain is the goal without at least a cursory discussion of what's going to happen and how to stop it if things go wrong. When one taps into the Beast to bring that energy in a scene, everyone needs to know that there is a way to put him back. We've all heard stories of scenes where the Dom does not control that hunger for pain – where anger and rage rule. It's a nightmare scene for everyone involved and should be a realistic concern for anyone playing at this level.

But when the Beast is harnessed – when the energy is used at that level – it's glorious. The pain and suffering the masochist gives to the scene is sustenance to the Sadist and his monster. The intensity of the energy exchanged is intoxicating and as the tempo ebbs and flows, all three participants reach new heights of intimacy and closeness. Let the pain flow – let the screams echo – let everyone revel in the ecstatic agony produced. Then tap the Beast on the shoulder, remind him of his place, and put the leash back on. Soak up the whimpers and tears of the sub as they float in their own endorphin-fueled high, and then bring you and your Beast back to earth. Leave him breathing heavily in the corner of your mind – harnessed but sated. And as you move towards your sub to take care of them and bring them back to earth, know that you've created a scene and connection where everyone walks away blissfully content. You've fed the Beast for now, and everyone is happy.

**Kiss** **Hug** **Comfort**
… thank you, Sir.