MEMBER ARTICLE: Military Uniforms

MEMBER ARTICLE: Military Uniforms

from Recon News

01 October 2018

By Recon Member BLUFofficer

Fetish for beginners: Military uniforms

Whether it's from just seeing a man stood to attention or the enigmatic face under the cap visor, the sight of a man in army uniform can make many go weak at the knees. Although the military uniform scene maybe a quiet one, it is one of the easier scenes to get into due to the price of gear going very cheaply a lot of the time. With many places offering second hand uniform, it can be very easy to put together a military uniform.

Why military uniform?

I started to notice army uniforms when I was in my early teens, when I used to look at photos of various members of the British army (in particular the Household Cavalry) in uniforms that went with tall boots. I used to scour various photo galleries drooling at the handsome men (and getting a stiffy at the same time) wishing that was me in that uniform or with that man in the uniform. By the time I was in my late teens, the desire was stronger, and I eventually made the decision to get myself a Household Cavalry No.2 army uniform.

Using a particular photo, I emailed the now defunct store Sabre Militaria in Portsmouth who helped me put together the initial tie, shirt, tunic and breeches but with the wrong sized cap. Following this, I spent a long time searching on eBay for the riding boots and the right cap in my size which was a size 10 and 60cm head!! Initially my first pair of riding boots was around £200 but I bought another pair in 2008 for only £75!! This was an important learning curve as I learnt that it's sometimes better to take your time collecting the gear rather than rushing in and spending too much money. As to caps, I purchased my first one in 2008 and my second one a few years ago.

Army uniforms convey authority and discipline. They can be perfect for a sub who wishes to take on the lowest rank or a Dom who wishes to have a higher rank in order to command a lowly Private. This in turn can lead to power play that can incorporate various army scenarios such as army drill, inspections and corporal punishment, in which Roleplay and BDSM can also be integrated too.

When I wear my army uniforms, the first feeling I get is pride. I also feel sexier, more masculine and the uniform gives me more confidence then what I usually have when outside of the gear. If you can show these qualities when wearing the gear, then men will see it very quickly. Whilst we do not represent actual members of the military, there is nothing more flattering than for someone who is either a veteran or serving member to say that you look the part. One piece of advice as well... unless you're actually a serving member of the military, then do NOT wear medals as this will not do you any good and may attract negative attention rather than positive.

To some men, it's not only wearing an army uniform but maybe a particular part of uniform say the footwear for example that turns them on. Whatever it is that appeals to you, the army uniform can be an easy way to get into the fetish scene…

How can I get involved?

To some guys, it may initially just involve putting on a random cap, jacket, shirt, trousers and footwear and calling that an army uniform. This however will not get you very far and will not create a good impression. If you want to stand out from the crowd whether it is in cammo or something more formal, then you need to be as accurate as possible. The more accurate you are, the more you will stand out. To do this, you need to extensively research the uniform you want. This can be done by either asking fellow members of the fetish community where they went for their gear or by looking through various photo galleries online. Remember the more source material you have to hand, the less likely you are to mess up.

The first thing that comes to mind with any fetish scene is a budget. Due to the rarity of some uniforms, these can cost a lot more to acquire than others. This is something I know about very well as I've currently got several projects on the go and the parts I need are not turning up at the moment. This is where auction sites, surplus stores, markets and contacts come in. Continually browse these places as they will always be having second-hand stock coming in.

Another thing you need in this scene is a lot of patience and this I cannot emphasise enough. Depending on what uniform you want to go with, you may find yourself having to wait a long time for a particular piece to turn up. To help deal with having to wait for that desired part to turn up, take a look and see if there are any other army uniforms that appeal to you. By working on several at the same it will not make you lose hope and before you know it, you'll find you have a collection.

Whilst there isn't a currently a uniform fetish theme or night in my knowledge, army uniforms can be worn at suit fetish theme nights or most all fetish nights. Be aware though that the dress code will be strict and you're more likely to get attention if you had made a considerable effort.

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