MEMBER ARTICLE: Mummification, the Art

MEMBER ARTICLE: Mummification, the Art

from Recon News

28 October 2020

By Mr2u

In January 2008, after ending an 8-year relationship with my first long term partner, I was on my own to discover myself. Shortly after moving, my first "date" was with a younger male that was into bondage. We had chatted back and forth for a while and it was decided that he would give me free reign to do as I pleased (safe sex) as the Dominant. I was 42, and he was all of 21 years old, but he was much more experienced than me. However, I had imagination and creativity on my side.

When he arrived, I had him lie down face up on my bed. I blindfolded him, bound him to the four corners of my bed with some neckties that I had, and proceeded to dribble warmed wax on his nipples, his tight belly, and inner thighs. Then I got really creative and, in the areas not touched by the wax, I rubbed cubes of ice on him. I alternated these two items for a period of 3 hours.

In the end, I don't think we even had sex. I was so turned on by his reaction that I simply jerked off onto him! After it was all done, he said, "Wow. I think I will have to revise my thesis and declare that there is a God, as I am sure I had visions tonight!" I was immensely complimented by his heartfelt words.

From that point on I have developed my understanding of bondage and what it can mean for both the sub and the Dominant.

Some years after that I was visiting friends in Toronto when an older male messaged me and asked if I had ever experienced mummification? He said that he was a Master Mummifier and asked if I would be interested in being mummified.

We met at his hotel room, and he mummified me. I was totally enthralled by the process of it, and how it felt. I remember falling asleep! He was so gentle, caring and reassuring. His voice, deep with a slight French-Canadian accent, lulled my apprehensions.

A few days later he invited me to assist him in mummifying a regular sub of his. We mummified his cute, slender friend. It took 1.5 hours to finish the mummification. This, I was told, was not a normal length of time, but because I was new to it, his sub had enthusiastically agreed to be our subject. He taught me all about the care of mind, body and soul. He said that, as a Mummifier, it was our duty to protect the sub, and to give him our best efforts. Part of his philosophy was to make sure that the sub and the Mummifier were alcohol and drug free. To be sure of the sub's physical and mental health. To ask questions and be certain of what was expected of each person.

I try to follow those lessons with each and every sub. If a sub is very new to bondage, I try to encourage them to start with the simple types, like being handcuffed, being tied to a bed or simply sitting alone, blindfolded and maybe lightly bound with ropes, so that they understand the feelings they will have while completely mummified. If they like how it feels, then we proceed. I have never forced anyone into a level of mummification that they did not want. Some have asked for partial bondage (top down or toes to waist) and some have been nearly all done from toes to head. If they start to feel high levels of anxiety, everything stops.

For me, mummification is an artform. It is my way of creating a sculpture. It is my way of painting a portrait. It is my way of expressing my inner self in the art that I create with the sub as my canvass. Some really great subs have passed through my door. Some have been repeat visitors, that challenge my artistic tastes to do more, to do better, to do something really different. Some have become lovers, too. The act of sexual Dominance and immobilization over them has really turned them on. The idea that they are completely without defence, that they have no free will of their own is a huge turn on for them. And truthfully, for me, too. But even with that, the Mummifier is bound by the laws of gentlemanly conduct. I remember the voice of my Teacher: Be Dominant but be respectful.

Mummification is a niche of bondage in Canada. Very few people practice it on a regular basis here. It is much more widely used in Asia and Europe. I have had visitors come to be mummified from as far away as England, China, Australia and almost every province of Canada. I have had visitors come to be Mummified as young as (minimum) 18 years old to 65 years old.

In my profile I mention that I keep all mummification suits (outer shells) to use in my garden for Halloween. My house has become "The Scary House", and has also become a bit of a tourist destination. My neighbours delight in seeing the reaction of people as they pass by my house. Some stop in awe, some try to hurry by without looking up, and often many people stop and take pictures! I have had people stop and ask me about my "artwork", and how I make them. When I tell them, they either uncomfortably laugh, or some have looked to their partner with a little devilish twinkle in their eyes! No one has been really offended. I try to make each as gender neutral as possible. My good friend, a psychologist by profession, calls it Krazy Serial Killer fun! My house is one of the local Halloween go-to places. Last week a little boy of about 5 years old exclaimed something to his father as they passed by. I did not understand the conversation, but the father translated for me: "He said your house is the best at Halloween". For me, that ranks as one of the best compliments I could ever receive!

I will continue to do Mummification. I am exploring, with the assistance of a new sub, different materials to use. We are going to try wider tapes, electrical tapes and possibly box wrapping tapes (slightly translucent). He is eager to try double mummification. We are building up his tolerance to the length of time mummified. He recently accomplished 4.5 hours in a small room that I have converted from a walk-in closet.

The pandemic has definitely put a damper on the Mummification. But with a dedicated new sub I feel safe in our efforts to explore his submissiveness and my Dominance as the Mummifier.

It is my hope that one day I can do a public exhibition of mummification. I would love to bring it out of the dark and into the light of the bondage scene in Canada. It is, for me, the ultimate expression of bondage, because once you are Mummified no one can see you. They only see the form, the outer solidified aura of you and hopefully once you emerge from the mummification, you have become a new butterfly, able to spread your wings and fly away feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. And as the Dominant Mummifier I hope that I have played a central role in helping the sub expand the mind, body and soul.

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