MEMBER ARTICLE: Rite of passage. boi shaved for his Master.

MEMBER ARTICLE: Rite of passage. boi shaved for his Master.

from Recon News

15 October 2021

By SirsCollaredboi

'boi has been shaved from the neck down and is kept smooth for Master Mark.' states my Recon profile.

"It's time boi. Follow Me. Crawl to the bathroom." Master Mark ordered.
i am led by my leash, ordered to strip naked, and get into the bathtub.
"Stand, hands on your head, legs apart boi."
i watch nervously as my Master selects a razor.
'Ready to lose your body hair boi?"
"Yes Sir", i reply.
Inside i am not so sure. i take a deep breath.
"You can do this boi."
"Yes Sir, boi is ready Sir."
Shaving gel is applied to my chest and arms.
i feel the blade glide across my chest and hear the scrape as the hair is cut away. i watch my Master concentrating, his eyes looking at my body intently.

i reflect on the depth of my submission to Master Mark, as i surrender my body hair to Him.

My body is naturally hairy, especially from the waist down. i have shaved my ball sac routinely, finding my hairless balls to be much more sensitive to touch, and more sensual.
i always enjoyed my body hair and saw it as sign of masculinity, and part of my adult identity.

From Fantasy to Reality. In Our/our very first session Master Mark talked of shaving my body. i thought it was fantasy talk, and it became a recurring topic that made my cock rock hard every time. It was obvious i was going to be shaved at some stage, and we were both very turned on by the thought, despite doubts on my part. Earlier this year as a part of Our/our contract and collaring negotiations, i agreed to relinquish my previous limit of shaving my body hair. Master Mark now has control of my body, including its hair. He teased me for weeks, by running His fingers through my chest hair, arm hair, feeling my hairy legs. Smiling wickedly to Himself, and telling me that all this hair was soon to go.

my first experience of shaving my body hair was many years ago for Master Sam, who ordered i shave from neck to toe. It was also my first time submitting to a Master. i obeyed with painful consequences! The sensitive skin at the pubic region became irritated and infected. Welts and painful boils erupted, necessitating two embarrassing visits to the doctor. Despite the trauma, i had an excellent, and very memorable first experience of submission. However, after this, shaving became a stated limit in my Recon and other fetish profiles. i had no intention of repeating the inconvenience, infections, and pain i now associated with shaving.

Shaving was seen as an important step in Our/our Master/submissive relationship. Master Mark wanted to create a smooth skinned boi, as a way of reminding His boi of His dominance and control. Emphasising the power exchange. His boi would look and feel submissive. Others would see boi's sacrifice and submission, when in public at events and venues with Sir. Shaving was a rite of passage.

i saw this process as a symbol of my devotion and commitment, and the depth of my submission.
Being shaved and kept smooth skinned for my Master was something i wanted to give to Sir. To show my gratitude and acceptance of His dominance and control. There were emotional considerations for me though. It is big thing to have your body hair taken from you, and i was very surprised by the intensity of feeling it evoked.

We/we had a trial run last year, when i was first accepted for training. Master Mark gagged me, tied me standing spread-eagled to the four-poster bed, while He shaved my armpits, arms and back. It was an intensely erotic experience - Master Mark lathering my body, running the razor over my skin, leaving me exposed and vulnerable, as my body hair was taken.

This year i was shaved in stages, over a 3 week period. As my body was so hairy it was a time-consuming process. i was ordered to get in a supply of razor blades and have the electric clippers out and ready for Sir's next visit. The day of reckoning had arrived.

In Week 1. i stood nervously in the bathtub, struggling to calm myself. Master Mark shaved my armpits, nipple area, and balls. My pubes clipped to 3mm, now looking like a fine down. i watched the look of concentration on Master Mark's face as He carefully ran the razor over my body. It was very arousing, and again my cock grew hard. i was ordered to shower, then led to the bedroom, where Master Mark admired his handiwork, running his hands appreciatively over my shaved areas. As He applied a pair of nipple clamps, He pointed out how my nipples looked, now that they were not surrounded by hair, appearing more prominent and exposed.

In Week 2, back into the bathtub, taking up my position, as my hairy hands, arms, chest, stomach, and back, were made hairless. But i realised that i became emotional as the torso hair was taken from me, and i was comforted and hugged, by my supportive Master, who reassured me it would be worth it. After showering and moisturising, i was led to bed, and my smooth upper body inspected and admired by Master Mark.

In the 3rd and final week, it was shaving below the waist. my furry butt cheeks, pubic area, very hairy legs, and feet were all made smooth. Again, this was an emotional wrench for me. my appearance was changing dramatically and i was hesitant to even look in the mirror afterwards. This new look would take some getting used to.

After the final shaving i lay in bed. Master Mark straddled me, pinning me down.
i watched Sir's face as He inspected my body and i saw the delight as His eyes feasted on my smooth skin. He lightly ran His fingertips over my body surface, testing it's texture. His tongue explored my thighs and stomach, and He kissed His way up to my chest. My sensitive smooth skin reacted to His touch, my cock engorged and throbbing.
We/we kissed with a fierce, passionate intensity. Sir's cock grew hard. i was ordered to suck it, and it was not long before Sir blew His load over my freshly shaved skin.
Yes, it was worth the ordeal to be so appreciated and relished.

These 3 weeks were a time of great intimacy, my body becoming exposed as never before.
Deep feelings of submission resulted in being shaved by Master Mark. What i thought was an integral part of my masculinity was now gone and i was made aware of just how controlled and dominated i now was, as Sir's now very shaved, collared, contracted, owned, submissive boi.

Ongoing maintenance

The terms of the contract state; 'boi will shave and clipper body every Saturday morning. boi will be inspected by Master Mark, or by a person nominated by Master Mark, to ensure His boi has removed body hair. '

Staying smooth for Sir is an important weekly ritual. It takes time and effort but is one of the many ways i show my devotion and commitment. i must be thorough, or there is a penalty and a punishment for missed hairs after shaving.

A few points I've learned for a better shave

Soak in a hot bath beforehand.
You will need a supply of new razors, as the blades become blunt quickly.
Apply an astringent immediately after shaving (i use natural Witch Hazel), and an antiseptic ointment to sensitive areas, such as the pubic area.
Moisturise the shaved skin daily.

What comes next for boi?

For my Master and i shaving has been an erotic bonding experience.
But will i be permitted to keep my facial hair, and the hair on my head? At present Master Mark likes my beard and Mohawk hair style. It's Sir's decision, and i will be unable to refuse.
All of this was discussed at length and negotiated before they went into Our/our contract. The thought of losing this hair causes me inner conflict once again.

Permanent laser hair removal? Permanently smooth for Sir! Fantasy or future reality?
Time will tell!

i am proudly shaved for Master Mark.

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