MEMBER ARTICLE: Take Pleasure in Leather

MEMBER ARTICLE: Take Pleasure in Leather

from Recon News

26 July 2019

By Leatherbuck

'Leather and studs is where you're at'

'Take pleasure in Leather, I believe in joy'. (Well, that was what I sang, slight change in lyrics). I guess that line and constant leather referral sung by George Michael in 'Wham Rap', solidified thoughts and feelings I was having as I grew into my teenage years. I was too young in the seventies to understand the thoughts I was having about Starsky n Hutch, and that Gran Tarino car with the long black leather seats, I just knew I was having thoughts about Paul Michael Glaser. To this day, I still do. But it was in 1979, when Mad Max was released, that I first saw a fully leather clad man in black, creaking leather on a motorbike. I was awakened. Mel Gibson was stunning. With kids at school wearing leather jackets, the Leatherman in The Village People piquing my interest more, then Wham, with George Michael in leather, singing about leather and pearls, (and later, George in the Fastlove video, head to toe in black leather), I knew my path.

Why does leather play a huge part of who I am? For me, many aspects make me wet n hard. The tight, smooth, shiny look of leather takes me to another level. And there's more to it. Like for so many of us, it arouses my senses: the creaking sound, the smell - so aromatic (I don't use poppers as that persuasive quality turns me on) - the feel of it against my bare cock - so supple and smooth - reminds me of when I had my first pair of black leather gloves. I didn't even wear the gloves, I just rubbed them on my dick, and in seconds I exploded. Again, I was too young to know what it was. So I moved on to fucking my uncles motorbike jacket just to be sure (Obviously, he was not aware I was doing this when he visited). It was like electricity passing through me, my senses heightened.

The look of leather. Whether it was worn by a rock star or in a science fiction movie, or by someone on the underground, I was drawn to it. Even now, I'll sometimes sit next to someone on the tube and find a way to rub my leather jacket against his. Now I can proudly boast I have a huge collection of leather jeans and jackets in various colours myself.

The first time I got the courage to go into a store and try on a pair of black leather jeans, I got hard. But it was the store assistant that I wasn't prepared for. He could not keep his hands off me, running them up and down around my legs. I've always had good legs, so seeing them in tight black leather was clearly doing it for him. I was this close to pulling my cock out and demanding 'suck on this'. Believe me, if he wanted to fuck me there and then, I'd have let him. In the end, I had to go home and wank it out.

This brings me to my first fuck in leather. Domination and leather worship and play a huge part in my sexuality. Bury my face in your leather crotch, sit on my face with your leather covered arse, and suck me as you do, this will generally result in a leatherman getting the prize. I well remember my first time, the gear was supple and soft, and I was forced to smell, lick and kiss it. Once I started to suck him off, I ran my hands down his leather clad thighs as he held my head against him with his black leather gloves. I was so wet with precum. Once he pulled my jeans down, I was ready, but I didn't relax, so it was uncomfortable, but his leathers made me cum as he shot his load inside of me.

I used to top but the first time I saw a guy with rear zip jeans, I thought, fuck that's hot. Having been fucked with my jeans down a few times, I knew that if I wanted to be fucked with gear on, rear zip jeans were required. I am now a power bottom, (leather cock inside of me blows my mind), so my desire to serve a leather top in full leather, meant rear zip jeans and chaps needed to be part of my growing collection. I added a leather kilt to it too.

It's not just leather gear that I was drawn too when I was growing up. Every time I saw a leather couch, I wanted to feel it, and car seats too. I would find a way to touch or sit on them again, rock hard as I sank into the softness of the seat, creaking under my weight. Leather sofas are still very much a huge deal for me, any Leatherman that has one; I'm going to give attention to. Some of the best fucks I've had have been on a soft creaking leather couch. Head held face down, legs pinned apart, cock pressed against the seat, him on top inside of me, grunting, sweating, hard, verbal, animalistic, rough with both of us in full gear. Leather against leather, you cannot beat it. I like to sit and feel the leather around and under me. Chesterfields being the best for sound (I had a mate who had a red leather Chesterfield, which he would make creak, - he knew what he was doing to me).

I have had some amazing sessions on the leather backseat of cars too, I drive a car with creaking black leather bucket seats, (my fantasy is getting banged in the back of a limousine).

A leather couch, sling, car seats or leather bed set, pretty much gets my attention. Add to that, a motorbike. Over the years, I've had many great rides, met some decent fellas who have had me on the back. I'm an experienced pillion, so I have been lucky to have been out in my leathers on their bike. I always showed my appreciation. Thank you, lads.

I like to wear leather outdoors. A few years ago, I was on 'First Dates' on Channel 4 and wore my navy leather jeans. The sound guy attaching the mic on me, made sure he copped a feel. That was the only good thing that night.

Just talking about or hearing the word, LEATHER, gets me going. Does it define who I am? Well, it's a huge part of me, and sure, leather porn can help but it's like an itch you can't scratch. Can I live without leather or settle down with someone who isn't or doesn't understand the power of leather, then, the answer is no.

I am a Personal Trainer so I'm in pretty good shape, my legs are very muscular, I wear a black leather tracksuit when training client's, When I am out at Backstreet, I'll wear my tightest pair of rear zip jeans, the leather curve around my thighs, calves and arse. Blokes brush by, feel, move on, or stop, and that's ok. I feel proud in my leathers, ready to explore and be pushed by a leather top, or gang, sometimes a fantasy, but, the reality can happen too. Not been gangbanged by a leather group yet, or a Biker Cop, but, I'm patient.

'Maybe leather and studs is where you're at'. So, is leather my aphrodisiac, my Achilles heel, the way to my heart and mind? Yes, it is. Be masculine, make me yours, be powerful in leather, own it, dominate and control me, handle my aggressive attitude, and understand one golden rule, the leathers stay on. Looking back as I write this and reflecting on the memoires, and looking forward to future encounters and hopefully a partner, I accept who I am. I will forever be attracted to and driven by the power of leather. And was I aroused as I relived these moments...absolutely. 

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