MEMBER ARTICLE: The life that fetish gave me

MEMBER ARTICLE: The life that fetish gave me

from Recon News

30 May 2019

By Recon member BoundJake

Hello. I want to tell you about myself, about my journey through the fetish community, and how it led me to the wonderful kinky person I fell in love with.

Firstly, introductions... I'm Jake, a 25-year-old, Dominant guy from the North of England. In my early days I was known as GaggedChav, an artsy and slightly sadistic kinkster. My interests include (bear with me): spanking, breath play, bondage, tickling, Domination, gags, Lycra, uniform, CBT, very hot wax, scallies, pinwheels, caning, flogging... You get the picture, I'm a deviant. But believe it or not, I wasn't always like that. Flashback only a few years ago and I was on my way to my first ever fetish meet, something that would lead me to where I am today.

I met with another local lad via Instagram, someone who, like me, went on to make ripples in the social and online kink community. The boy was named Josh, better known as EnglishKinks. The moment I entered his home, I was ball gagged and hogtied, tickled and tormented in all sorts of delightfully fun ways. He had much more experience than me, and though I did eventually get my chance to tie him up, our first meet was mainly me exploring my sub side. Over the course of several months I met Josh repeatedly. We had photoshoots, group sessions, made videos, but more importantly we grew our online platforms making friends and fans along the way.

During this time, I started expanding, I branched out, meeting new people with new interests, copying and enjoying their kinks as I slowly realised, I loved them too. At this point I created my Tumblr and my Recon profile. I met tonnes of fun guys, really exploring my new found joy, then afterwards I would share my antics with the online kinksters, generating a massive fan base, with tens of thousands of followers. Eventually I started selling my work, it was amazing, productive and full of life and adventure.

During that year my artsy kinky videos allowed me to travel. My first points of call where Newcastle, London, Spain. I attended workshops, clubs, leather events. The people I made friends with were great - to see the fetish community through other's eyes was not only invigorating but also enlightening. I had an amazing experience in a Spanish bondage clothing workshop; oh, to be straightjacketed and hooded on my knees, while a creative created amazing clothing around me. Quite an adventure, and to return to get a personalised muzzle fitted, designed and made right in front of me was a joyful experience, but that's a story for another time.

When I returned home a friend from Spain introduced me to an online friend he had been acquainted with for some months, Adam, also known as BoundUpLad. He was cute, blonde, eager. I was very attracted to him. We met at a hotel in my home town. I was excited - as I always get when I meet someone new. I wasn't prepared for the feelings and reactions that came after. There was a connection to this person, something I'd never felt before. It's safe to say he was also stimulated by our first encounter, the chemistry was undeniable, instantly after our first meet we were arranging the next.

I started introducing my kink friends to him. The two of us would all meet up, dive head first into a joyous, stimulating experience, delving into a variety of flirty fetish antics and filming our shenanigans. It was lust and passion, intoxicating fun that would take our breath away. Afterward we would sit and talk for hours. We would laugh and drink, reminiscing about our experiences and sharing life stories with each other. It was funny to both of us to find out that Josh was the first person both of us met for kink. Before I knew it, I was hooked on the feelings I was getting.

It was amazing to find such a match. I had developed such a unique and acquired taste in my fetishes that I was worried about showing that to other people. I didn't need to be worried, as he responded so well to everything we tried. We were opposites in many ways, yet stuck together like magnets, constantly exploring each other's bodies, finding new and exciting ways to vitalise and stimulate each other. After kink the fun didn't stop, though. Before I knew it we were having meals together, watching movies, drinking, we even attended Newcastle Pride together... I didn't realise, but we were dating.

After many more encounters and playful visits, we decided it was time, we had both fallen hard for each other and we officially jumped into a relationship. Business was good, the Collection – our videos brand - was growing. Together we met new and exciting people - other online influencers with their own fan bases, eager to collaborate. Everything was going so well, and I couldn't believe how rapidly it had all come together. And then it happened, the death of Tumblr. On December 17th 2018 Tumblr announced that they were to end and remove all NSFW material from its site. As a kink lover and a social butterfly, the news was devastating, and shortly following that my Instagram was immediately removed. There was no place to promote my content, no destination for us to share our shenanigans, it was bleak.

One thing I've learnt from the kink community, though, is that we stick together. Kink bonds and binds us in ways I didn't feel where possible. The majority of the people I meet I don't just consider a quick fetish fling, I consider these people friends, and always will. We rallied together, ideas and solutions thrown about. I moved my operations to Twitter, created a new Instagram account, and rebranded. My new name was BoundJake.

Our little fetish empire continues to grow. Kink has become a huge part of our lives, intertwining with friendship, travel, life and love. It has allowed us both to meet new people and explore new places. It has allowed us to move into our first home. It has allowed us to explore our own sexualities. We recently returned from a trip to New York City, where we got to experience the kinks of the Big Apple and explore the different options and opportunities of America. But more importantly, on our trip, Adam went from boyfriend to fiancé. Kink is fun, kink is life, but love is love.

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